My Gang

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Requested by Lady_Aphamu and @minyoongii05 (sorry, wont let me tag u)

Here you go: This is us!

I wrote the usernames beside each person

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I wrote the usernames beside each person. I'm all the way to the left!

Yes, I'm the shortest person in the group. But I just have to deal with it.
(Plus, i look weird. But it looks a lot like the face expression i would make if i was pissed off)
I'll go in order from left to right.

@PlusXPlay2(Me!), 8MayaMuffin8, @minyoongii05, and Lady_Aphamu

They're all my friends from school! :3

Okay, this is what's happening:
I am writing on wattpad, but annoyed becuz my friend's playfully squishing my cheeks. (That what she always does 😒)

My friend in the backround is shouting out BTS(becuz she's obsessed with it)

And my poor friend to the right got a scratch. (She kept getting hurt all school day. . .;3;) Not trying to be mean or anything. She'll understand.

And yeah, that's basically it. 😑


Hope you liked it! :3

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