Part 51 - The death of love

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Jess's POV -------

"Right we need to come up with a plan, if we wait here any longer, were just sitting ducks" Glen demanded, with Maggie in his arms, he was rubbing her back. Rick was pacing up and down, I knew he was thinking of some genius plan for us, to finish this, tonight. All of a sudden we heard rumbling, the same rumbling I had heard earlier that day, what was that from? A massive armoured truck came whizzing by from Woodbury. "Who's in there? And where is it going?" Maggie asked with a worried expression on her face "I don't think its going for the prison, it's the opposite direction" Rick added pointing away from the prison with his finger. "You don't know that! My daddy's there! And beth!" Maggie began to shout.

I sat on the log for a while thinking about everything, my whole life, and how it had gotten to this stage. How did I end up here? I thought about Andrea, and Lori, the Governor and Tom... Tom... I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill them both. Tom did nothing for Andrea, and now that I think about it l, he was a fucking useless part of our group. Well I'm going to end this tonight. My thoughts were interrupted by arguing, I looked up to see everyone at each others throats, I could use this to my advantage. Now if I had told Rick I was going to do, what I was about to do, he was have stopped me. I slowly stood up and began to walk backwards, stepping over the log as I did, trying not to fall.

I silently made my way back to Woodbury, there was an eerie silence to the place, which seemed odd as only an hour ago everyone was shooting up the place. I took this as an advantage and slipped through the whole in the fence I had come to know so well and slink up against one of the surrounding buildings, I scanned the dimly lit area to see if there were any patrols around, there went. I saw a light come on in the main building that had the marble arch, which contained a silhouette of a man, Bingo. I remember Michonne mentioning that the Governors room was in the building with the marble arch. I quickly spring ted across the road, keeping to the shadow, so I wouldn't alarm anyone if they were patrolling outside, not that I could see anyone.

I reached outside by the marble arch to reveal that the door was already ajar, as though it was inviting me in. I pushed it open ever so slightly and snuck in. I began running up the stairs until I was on the floor where light had come on, I knew this was the floor as I could see the light shine through from underneath the door. I turned the door knob slowly, my had on my knife, I used my knife because if it was the Governor in there then I wouldn't want to alarm anyone with a gun shot. I opened the door and went inside...



The room was brightly lit, there was a large double bed on one side of the room, and a wide mahogany desk on the other, the floor was lined with wooden slats that looked like they might break at anytime, and the curtains... there was a person standing at the window. I studied who it could be, it wasn't the Governor. I recognised the individuals stance, his blond hair in that quiff he always had and this big black boots he always wore "Tom..." I said, letting him know I acknowledged his existence, he didn't turn around. "Jess... I'm so glad you came back to me" he replied in a slow calm tone, my blood began to boil at the sight of him, he betrayed us. "Where's Phillip?" I asked, feeling slightly weird about calling the Governor by his first name, but I wasn't going to call him by his 'nickname' anymore as if he had authority over me. "He's gone" he replied, still with his back turned to me "Bullshit, you tell me now asshole" I demanded, causing Tom to turn around, with a demonic like smile on his face "He's gone Jess, to go and finish off your precious prison" he chuckled, my fist clenched, harder and harder. "Your such an asshole, you're a traitor, we could have helped you, but you come to him!?" my voice began to raise a little, I hadn't realised that I had moved forward slightly, I was closer to Tom then before. "No one wanted me there, and I knew where I belonged and where I could get to Rick... I'll kill him Jess, you know I will" he joked, but I knew he was telling the truth, he walked up to me and stopped.

He lifted his hand to my throat and squeezed, I began to struggle like I did when Rick had me, this was my moment to have him. "Now you stay here with me, or I'll kill you too" he said calmly, I whispered something, it was low enough so he couldn't hear, he took his hand from my throat "What was that?" he asked as he lowered his head to my level. I lifted my head back and swung it forward with great speed, I head butted him square in the face, knocking him back. He grabbed his nose "Ahh fuck! you stupid bitch! I'll kill you!" he shouted, his cries muffled by his hands holding his possible broken nose.

Tom began to stagger round, his eyes glancing around the room, I assume he was looking for something to 'kill' me with. I moved my hand down to my waist and pulled out the hunting knife from my belt. By the time I had gotten it out, Tom already had smashed a bottle and pointed it at me, one hand gripped on it and the other clutched around his face. Tom lunged at me with the bottle, barely missing my torso, I barely got out of the way. For a spilt moment he had his back to me, without thought, my arm had overtaken my brain and stabbed Tom in the back. "Aghh!... you fucking bitch!" Tom yelped as he fell to the ground. I stood over him, staring at his weakening form, I kicked the bottle from his hand and crouched down to his level.

"I vowed to my family that I would kill you both... slowly... inhumanely... and I would enjoy every minute, watching the life drain from your eyes. Like Rick and Michonne did with Andrea, when she killed herself because your little 'Boyfriend' put that walker in there with her" I said calmly, using the quoting motion with my fingers when I said boyfriend. Tom stared at me, his eyes filling with regret and sorrow. "I didn't know about Andrea... I'm sor- Aghh!" he screamed as I slammed my knife down into his hand. "You know the one good thing about living in a world like this?..." I paused, questioning Tom, who avoided eye contact with me. "When I kill you... you'll turn... which means I get to kill you again, which is exactly what I'm going to do with Phillip" I finished, I pulled the knife out revealing a flow of more blood. He began to sob, and shake his head "Please Jess... don't do this" he pleaded, I ignored his pleas and stood up, I chuckled. "Wow, I thought you were in the army Tom? Why are you blabbing like a baby?" he shook his head, "I lied..." he paused, I stood there thinking, what did he lie about? "I was never in the army, I was a fitness instructor, for people going into the army. I just found the uniform and put it on. I thought you would take me in if you knew I could protect you" he cried, still avoiding eye contact with me, that lying son of a bitch! I was about to speak, but he continued. "I thought you were a science teacher, how could you be so... I don't know, you've obviously had training, how else could you still be alive, and your really gonna torture me?" he questioned causing me to chuckle "The will to live I spose" I stopped, letting him take in this information "And you're correct... I was a science teacher... for biology and chemistry, I know exactly what parts of the body I can..." I paused, thinking of a word to say " with, inflicting a lot of pain, but it won't kill you... No, no, no, that wouldn't be fun now would it?" I replied in a conniving tone, by this time Tom had his eyes on mine, I didn't lose eye contact. Tom began to sob as he tried to crawl away from me. I walked ahead and stood in front of him, preventing him from leaving... and let's just say I had my fun and watched his life fade away slowly, like everyone I had seen before. My family , my sister, James, Lori, Dale, Hershel almost and Andrea. No more, Phillip was next on my list, you look after your family no matter what, I'd say it was justice.

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