Once Upon A Time - Chapter 2: Starstruck

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So here's our story.

10 years ago, it was 2012, around April. I've heard that Greyson Chance ,the YouTube sensation is having a concert in a local mall. I've always liked him, so I decided to go for the concert. I got the tickets from the ticket sellers and won a pair of meet and greet passes from a radio station after attempting to call them for 68439006429 times. The night before the concert, I thought to myself, what could be better than being able to be at Greyson's concert and to meet Greyson Chance himself? Nothing actually. The day I've been longing for finally came and I was so excited I couldn't sleep well the night before. I went to the concert venue 8 hours before the concerts started. When the concert started, I screamed thru the whole concert like I've never did before. After 8 hours of queueing and 2 more hours of showtime without drinking a drop of water, it was all worth it. After the concert while I was heading for the meet and greet, I saw 2 girls crying and when i asked them why, they said they're dying to meet Greyson and asked if i could give them my M&G passes. I really pitied the girl so i have them my passes without thinking twice. I wanted to meet Greyson too but I guess they wanted it more than i do.

'Take it. Just say 'hi' to Greyson for me would you?' I gave them the passes and off they went to meet Greyson with smiles on their faces. I know I've lost the Golden opporturnity to meet Greyson. I felt really down for the rest of the night. 

The next day, it was my birthday and Greyson's signing session. I slipped him a note right after he signed my album. I really wished he'd really read that. I've written about my dream and my wish to meet him for my birthday. He took the note with his hands and i turned and walked away.

'Wait! You are the girl that won the meet and greet passes yesterday and didn't go for it right?' I turned around and saw Greyson chased after me and was standing behind me. 

'Hi-hi-Hi,Greyson. uh, yeah. Bu-bu-but how'd you know?' I said while looking really star-struck.

'THIS and the 2 girls you gave the passes to from yesterday. They told me too.' He passed me the note I gave him awhile ago. He read the note. HE READ THE NOTE I PASSED HIM.

Before I could say anything he continued.

'Well, I have to get back to the signing now. Mind to meet me after the signing for lunch and let me treat you as a little birthday lunch?' he gave me his number and put a finger closed to his mouth. I stood there with my mouth opened and nodded. Then Greyson smiled at me and walked away. I'm still standing there, mouth hanging open. It was weird. No, I mean UNREAL.

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