Part 1: Fated. 

'Daddy, everyone's asking me where's mommy. Where's mommy, daddy? ' Our precious little 4 years old baby girl, Alicia asked. 

'Alicia,baby. Mommy's not coming back. She's gone to a better place. She's an angel and she'll be watching over us from up there now.' he said. He was my best friend, my dearest husband, my love, my world and my all.

'Alicia startes crying and he held her in his arms like he used to hold me in his. There are tears rolling down his cheeks. I wanted to be there. Right there to tell them that I'm always here But I can't. I can't do anything but watch. So, I stood there watching them cry. I can't stand it anymore, I want to hold my daughter's hand. So, I held her hands and whispered in her ears ' Mommy will always love you, my baby Alicia!' Holding her hand was the best feeling ever. Her hands felt soft and warm.

'Mommy? Daddy! Daddy! Mommy's here! She's right here with us! ' Little Alicia said. For that very moment, she knew I was there. She felt my presence.

He looked up and said 'Jess? Is that you, Jess? Are you here? Tell me Jess! ' Then he started crying. I couldn't watch him cry, so I decided to leave and go back to where I'm supposed to be at.

I was dead. Died 2 years ago in a terrible car accident. I died with no regrets. The only regret was not being able to be there for my baby Alicia.

I'm Jessica, died at the age of 26. My husband, Greyson Chance's 25 years old. Even though he's one year younger than me, we still love each other like we're each other's best friends. Age doesn't matter between us. What matters is what we felt for each other.

After I died, Greyson had been through lots of emotions to deal with my death. I just knew it. I've been there watching him cry all the times. But I just couldn't do anything. 

The story of us started 10 years ago. It might sound like a history but it was OUR best memories. Memories that could stay in our hearts forever. I've watched him cry alone for 10 years. Until one day, I've decided to leave. I cannot bear the one I love cry and I can't do anything.

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