Blurred Dreams (Front Note)

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This is my new poem collection, entitled, "Blurred Dreams". I just started this one tonight and this was inspired by never_again, so I'm dedicating this entire collection to her. Although this may not be that much, considering it's just starting, I hope you'll all enjoy it. 

I planned on making this collection, my dream collection, where in I write my own dreams/nightmares into poetic languages. You may have see one or two of this type of poem in "Rhapsody", my first poem collection, and that's exactly what I aim to do this time. 

There's nothing much to say about this yet, for as I do not know until how many poems I could write for this collection, probably, twenty or maybe thirty or maybe less, it really depends on whether I'd remember most of it. Please be warned about some other future poems though, for as they could be as visual as you couldn't imagine it would be, and there might be some words, sensual words that might scare you a bit. (especially when I write about my nightmares, which mostly include being attacked and killed.) 

That's all you need to know, I guess. I hope you'll support this too. =)

For the minority who reads this, THANK YOU.

PS: this collection is not anymore about dreams/nightmares, but of my relative feelings with people surrounding my daily life. :)

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