Accidents [Karma Akabane]

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Hero! Karma x Hero! Reader

AssClass x BNHA (Crossover)

Some characters from BNHA will appear

Soulmate! AU
When you meet your soulmate you cannot harm them physically, verbally, mentally


Walking in the sky as you looked down on to the city. Citizens happily laughing as they went shopping or went home.

"Any sign of unusual activities?" Nagisa asked

"Nope, everything looks fine."

You were currently walking in the sky, thanks to Nagisa's ability 'Zero Quirk,' which was very helpful, you were floating in the sky and it was very fun.

"We should head back to the agency." You felt yourself slowly fall onto the ground. Landing with a soft thud, Nagisa  was careful not to hurt you. Smiling you begun to walk with him to the agency.

A few 'hellos' and 'oh my goodness its (hero name)' erupted from the crowds on the street. You were a very famous hero, known for your ice quirk. You were born with a quirk and you went to the prestigious Kunugigaoka.

You were sent to the 3E class because the 3C class thought you were weird and creepy. You then met a few students, after a few weeks you were sent to study in the U.A academy, winning a scholarship which made your parents proud.

There you left your plain life, making a promise with Nagisa that you would work together when you grew up. You met a few friends Izuku and Bakugou. Bakugou was a hot head and was always yelling at Izuku. You felt sorry for the green hair male.

"Here we are!" Nagisa chirped, opening the door to the agency you worked for.

"We're back!" you squealed, as a person who was important to the agency you were well loved by them. Everybody loved your presence.

"[Y/N] you're back!" Izuku smiled.

"Damn, that boy. We have a new person joining the agency. He apparently has a water quirk." muttered Bakugou who looked very angry.

"Who is it?"

"Ahh..." Nagisa piped up, "It's Karma Akabane from Kunugigaoka. Don't you remember him?"

You tried to recall a memory but you shook your head. You were in a class with him, you knew he was a prankster with his deadly wasabi kit, though you rarely interacted with him. You decided to stay away from him, so you didn't become one of his targets.

"Hey, did you know that hot n' cold boy got together with Momo?" Bakugou hollered, clearly annoyed.

"Really?" you gasped, felling happy for the couple.

"Yeah, apparently they're soulmates. Todoroki was angry at Momo and they were fighting. Somehow Todoroki tried to throw some scissors at Momo, it hit her but it deflected off her like she was metal."

Soulmates were another cool mysterious thing in this world. Apparently, to meet your soulmate you couldn't hurt them physically, verbally or mentally. This was very cool concept, you had yet to meet your soulmate.

"GRRRRR THAT BOY!" Bakugou yelled.

'You're never going to get a soulmate doing that Bakugou," Nagisa sweat dropped.

"SORRY I'M LATE, I WAS BUSY!" a voice spoke from the doors.

The group turned around and there was a red head male, he was panting as he tried to catch his breath. He looked exhausted as if he just ran a marathon and was the winner.

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