𝙫𝙞𝙞. 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙮𝙬𝙤𝙜

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( chapter seven - the pollywog )


before macy could even invite her own sister, dustin had already beat her to it. his body was turned fully towards max, who was seated in the back. he whispered quite loudly, "av club. lunch."

max had a confused look read on her face, and mouthed, "what?"

mr. clarke had caught dustin, and called out his name to catch his attention. dustin sighs and turns to face he front once again.

"yes, my lord?" dustin answers ever so subtly.

"would you care to join the class now?" mr. clarke announces towards the young boy, everyone's eyes on him.

"please, yes!" dustin points at him over-excitedly.

mr. clarke's nods and sends dustin a stern look, "the case of phineas gage."

dustin began rummaging through his backpack in search for a pencil, book and notebook. "phineas gage." dustin agreed.

"page 104."

"104. 104." dustin's backpack was stuffed with the trap contraption that he had shown the day before, inside a small creature he would be showing the group soon.

mr. clarke crossed his arms, "focus."

"focusing. focusing." dustin reassured the teacher with a mustache, getting right to the book.

for one last time, dustin turned his head to face max. macy looked back to see her reaction. "av club." both macy and dustin whispered softly to max. she held up a thumbs up with a huge 'i get it' smile.

dustin gave her a smile which flashed his pearly white front teeth that had grown over the year, returning the thumbs up. macy smiled at his actions towards her sister, and they both turn back to listen into mr. clarke's lesson.

macy's eyes averted down into dustin's open backpack. the bag revealed his contraption shaking, noises of small growls coming from them. macy furrowed her eyebrows down at the object, and at this point dustin zipped his backpack closed.

after the events that happened last year, with eleven being gone in the upside down, she came back easier than she had thought. after she defeated the hideous demogorgon, there was a small entrance between the real world and the upside down, which she had come back through.

she spent days wandering around, no where to live. she couldn't go back to mike, it would be too risky. with all of the investigation as to where she went was already occurring; who knows where they would throw her in if they found out about her powers.

at first she was all alone in the woods. she found a small box. her hands dusted off some dirt and snow that fell down onto the box, and she unlocked it.

once she opened the box, she noticed the food inside. it was simply wrapped in saran wrap to keep the food from dirt. a pile of eggos was inside, and she smiled widely.

after she 'disappeared', for an endless number of days, chief jim hopper has been placing eggos inside after he realized she's been taking them. in hideout.

until one day eleven found him. eleven found jim hopper. hopper was willing to take eleven in to stay in a small cabin in the woods, a place where he used to live with his daughter. before his daughter was gone.

over the year of hideout, eleven grew to be impatient. she just wanted to see mike again.

even if it risked her life.

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