Chapter 12: Little Jack

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Log #216: Biology

The Gyaos is the only species of Shade we have discovered that have evolved significantly since their first interactions with humans. Originally, they resembled massive ravens who only destroyed humanity's transports, but at some point they began to hunt humans as well. As the years passed by, people began to notice small changes in both their behaviors and appearances, but they still retained their cry and attitude, so there is little doubt that we were actually witnessing different avian species. Currently, their bodies more closely resemble the mythical phoenix. They have also learned a variety of attacking methods, and are ranked among the S-Class Shade. It would be futile to list all of their current abilities, due to their habit of constantly changing and adapting to us—a fact that makes any encounter with a Gyaos some of the most memorable for any Slayer, young or old.

-General Shura Averin

420 BPE

My headache lasted about an hour, my aches about a day, and my coma about a week (but not in that order, of course). When I finally awoke, had lunch after two hours, and was deemed ready for visitors, Alison was the first person to enter my hospital room. She explained to me how I had passed out in the cave on a rather large stone, and was soon discovered by Matthew after he picked his stone, a rather bulky, crimson thing. The Slayer-in-training carried me all the way back the Academy in a hurry after he saw my leg, and even brought the stone that I had cradled in my unconscious lap.

I made a mental note to thank him later.

From there, I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where the doctors had confirmed what they had feared: I had landed on my leg just right, or rather wrong, and was left with a very broken leg.

After she was finished telling her story, as well as bashing every non-broken part of me for being so reckless (even though she admitted that she didn't even know how the leg had been broken), it was my turn to tell her exactly how I got the injury. By then, Mr. Darnay and the Twin Beaks had entered the room as well.

I explained how I had sat down for a small break when a man whom I was unfamiliar with joined me, and began talking to me about RdF. From that conversation, I explained, I had come to realize that the man was a member himself, so I had attempted to take him down alone. He had surprised me with his incredible skill, gotten the better of me, and left me stranded with a broken leg. I had crawled to the cave somehow, and passed out shortly after. Due to Francis's threat, I hadn't mentioned who the man in the story was, but they seemed to accept it as I had said it pretty well. Of course, Mr. Darnay did have some holes for me to fill, as well as some questions before he was satisfied. Then the instructor left, with a couple handfuls of encouraging words, and I was pelted with questions by the Twin Beaks on how the fight was, what weapon the guy used, and how I'd lost so hilariously badly. It took another hour to calm them down, and usher them out of the hospital room, but after that I was finally alone with Alison.

"So... How are you feeling?" she began tentatively, and I realized this was the first time anyone had actually mentioned my well-being. It was reassuring to hear her be the first to say it, and it made me feel that much guiltier for hiding the truth from her.

"Eh, I'm alright, apparently a week in a comatose state does wonders to aches and pains... not a fan of the whole 'strapped to the bed' thing they've got going on here, thought," I replied, painfully grinning. It wasn't entirely the truth; I was still in serious pain, but saying that would only make Alison more worried.

I couldn't do that to her.

"Well, the restraints are because of what you did when you first regained consciousness. Apparently as Matthew brought you in, you awoke and began to thrash about furiously, attacking anyone who came close while cursing about your leg. I heard it was quite a show... B-But that's neither here nor there! It's good to hear that the pain is mostly gone, but I do hope you will be released from here soon. Mr. Darnay said if you weren't out within three more days' time, the class would continue without you. To be honest, it's a miracle he's suspended it for this long."

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