Chapter 8

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Wade POV
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Just as Rhys said; I found Alex with his tongue down another woman's throat. I march right up to him and grab him by his shoulder making his look at me. I was furious. He looked a little scared.

"Yo, Wade, What's the problem?" He asks.

"What's the problem?" I yell at him. The girl he was making out with flees the scene not wanting to get caught up in the drama. "How about your girlfriend being at this party and you cheating on her!" I say. Alex's shes widen, his head whips from side to side.

"Where?" He asks.

"It's too late. She's already seen you." And I need to get her from hooking up with Dean. I turn on my heel and run up the stairs. I throw open all the doors until I find the one I find her in.

Dean is wasting no time whatsoever. I hear Alex rush up the stairs, he stands right behind me watching. I turn my head toward him and see his eyes raged with anger.

I barges past me and grabs Dean by the neck and throws him against the ground. He looks surprised as he pulls up his pants. Stacey sits up in the bed and covers herself with the sheets. I didn't think she'd go as far as she did.

"Get out!" She screams at Alex. Alex's head whips toward her. He looks broken when he looks at her.

"You cheated on me." He says. She lets out a laugh and shakes her head. I slide off my hoodie and hand it to her so she can get dressed.

"I cheated on you? I was done with you the moment I saw you stick your tongue down that girls throat. Is that why you didn't want me to come to parties? Because you've been cheating on me?" She yells at him. Dean sits up and walks over to me with a puzzled expression. He shrugs his shoulders and leaves the room.

"Stace, I'm sorry. I just didn't want—"

"For everyone to know that you're dating me. Yeah, I figured. Am I really that bad? Am I not pretty enough? Skinny enough? Do you want me to wear more makeup?" She was crying now, my chest constricted at the words she was saying. No one should feel this way. "I'm not perfect, Alex. I'm not. I don't know what you want with me. I should have known not to mess with you." She Shakes her head, grabbing her clothes and slamming the bathroom door shut.

Alex falls back against the wall, his hands pulling at his hair. "What am I going to do?!" He yells.

I hear lots of yelling from down stairs. I forgot about, Rhys. I should check on her, but then the yelling got louder and I heard glass breaking. Alex shoots to his feet.

"Fight." We both say at the same time. We rush down stairs after telling Stacey where we are going.

"Rhys?" I yell, not find her. I go back to the place I left her, where the fight is coming from. Oh crap.

Chaos is one word that would explain this situation. Alex wastes no time before he started fighting. I see Nicks blonde hair next to the girl from brown hair who is trying to get away.

"Rhys!" I Call for her. She looks toward me with pleading eyes. I push through the fight and grab Rhys just as Nick turns and sees me. "Are you okay?" I ask her. She nods her head, putting her head in the crook of my neck.

"Awe, Rhys? Wow, hm, I think I kinda like you. When you get bored? I am here, babe." He smirks and then snarls at me before calling off his friends. I make sure mine are calmed down and that they don't further on the fight.

Rhys's hands wrap around my waist and pull me closer to her. I put my arms around her and tell her sweet nothings. I look down at her and she peers at me through his dark hair. I love her so much my heart hurts.

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