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"My back is stiff because of the hard ground and my feet are ice cold. A little breeze touches my bare skin. I open my heavy feeling eyes but all I see is darkness. The smell of rotten meat invades my nose. Blindfolded I try to sit up instead of lying on the cold hard ground. My hands are tied with a sharp rope and something is holding my left foot from moving. My head is spinning but I try to stay awake. 'What the hell is happening?' I ask myself. With my hands still tied I try to remove the cloth which is blocking my eyes. Suddenly I feel two big hands holding my wrists and putting them down. 'Who are you!?' I scream. 'What are you doing to me!?' Instead of an answer the cold hands press me against the hard ground and the smell of chloroform enters my nose. 'No please! Don't do that! Please let me go!' I try to free myself and scream hoping someone would hear me but it's too late. The with chloroform covered handkerchief presses against my lips and nose. Slowly my eyes roll back and everything is quiet.


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