22. Backed Into a Corner

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      September 13th

      Agents R. Harris and A. Peterson are given an urgent message from Special Operations. They draw conclusions about the problem at hand.

                22: Backed Into a Corner

                Date: September 13th

Before I've even had the chance to get dressed in the morning, I am woken up by an urgent message. At least, this is what I assume.

        Struggling to adjust to the light, I run a hand through my knotted hair and sit up straight.

        Something near me, to my left, is beeping. Loudly.

        After a glance over at Susan I'm reassured that she's still asleep. In an attempt to keep her from hearing the noise, I slowly turn to my left and scan the area with my eyes to pinpoint the source. Next to my bed, on my dresser, my laptop has started up on its own and is now rebooting into the Special Operations interface.

        I grab the device and shoot off of my bed and into the bathroom. I lock the door, turn on the light, and open the sink to drown out the noise as I search the computer for its volume buttons. Still, they are of no use when I find them, and the device still beeps its short high-pitched screeches as it logs me into the computer.

        Every button I press does nothing to stop the process.

        For a few seconds I consider breaking the thing.

        Probably not the best idea, though.

        I sigh frustratedly, staring at the little loading icon that appears on the screen, and wonder why I never looked into a way to stop this from happening before. Despite my efforts, when I first set up the laptop I could not break through the setting on the computer that does this. It was – and still is, technically, property of Special Operations, and they program all their agents' laptops to automatically turn on in case of an emergency.

        I have no choice but to wait until the message is received.

        Ten minutes later, a face appears on my screen.

        Aaron. His tone is urgent when he speaks, and there is something about his expression that tells me this message is worth waking me up for.

        And five minutes after that, I find out I'm right.

           .          .          .

"What do you mean he's gone?"

        "He's gone, Alex," I respond. "I don't know how it happened, or when, but Kyle has officially dropped off the face of the planet."

        Alex crosses his arms over his chest. "He was here for all of one day." He looks around the room then, as if searching for answers in the pretty floral wallpaper of the ceiling. "One day, and he's already failed us. I mean, really, Rachel, what’d you ever see in him?"

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