Chapter 6- You Have A Bond

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Piper's POV
When Nate suggested something was up with Lydia, I thought he was crazy. But once the week we came back rolled around, I figured something was wrong as well.

First off, there is no way for us to contact her because she doesn't have social media or a phone. What 17 year old doesn't have a phone? Second, she was late to school which at first I thought was because the bus was late but then I got a close look at her.

She had a bruise on her face and a cut near her eye, I was so worried. But finally, what really made me believe Nate was what happened when I confronted her.

"Oh my god Lydia, are you okay?" I questioned worriedly, she continued to try to cover her wounds with makeup and put on a fake smile. "Of course I'm okay. Why would you suggest otherwise?"

"I saw the wounds on your face and was wondering-"

"Look, whatever Nathan said to you about me is a lie. My brother is not sketchy, nor is my family life. You can tell Nate to take his opinions and shove them up his ass." She sounded angry. I don't blame her though, after all if someone tried snooping into my family business I would be pretty ticked off too.

"I know what he said wasn't right but-"

"Are you actually going to try and defend him? Oh I get it, you guys have known each other your whole lives and all of a sudden someone new comes to town and everyone is quick to make assumptions. I get that this is a small town and that people talk but you all need to stay out of it." Without another word, she slammed her locker shut and walked off to class.

I didn't want to upset her and fight back but what she said wasn't even true. I have only known Nate since I was 13, he moved here in seventh grade. The rest of us have known each other our whole lives and yes we have shared things that I am sure Lydia will never be comfortable with but that's only because we are close.

We all have gone through something bad and that's one of the reasons that our bond is so strong. I can tell that Lydia went through something traumatizing but she doesn't want to talk about it yet and I get that. But sooner or later she's going to have to say something.

I'm agreeing with Nate on this one. Something's going on.

I ran to Nathan's locker and interrupted his conversation with Grayson. "Sorry Gray, can I bother Nate for a moment?"

"Yeah sure. Remember what we talked about Nate." Grayson walked off mysteriously, I chuckle and look at Nate. "What was that about?"

The look on his face proved that he was worried about something. What could it be?

"Lydia is in trouble." He replies with a gulp, I frown and cross my arms. "Well we had our theories but-"

"No. You don't understand. Gray told me that if Lydia doesn't back off Grace is going to out her secret to everyone. Grace has dirt or is gathering up dirt and it's our job to protect Lydia. I don't know what's going on with her but this could be crucial for her. We need to let her know." He says worriedly. Nate is not one to show his emotions, but judging the look on his face this must be bad.

"We can't. She's mad at us. She knows about the theories we made about her brother and now she refuses to talk. What are we going to do?" A pit in my stomach was growing as my anxiety for her increased. When Grace finds dirt, she goes deep into finding what makes you tick, and if we piss her off who knows what's going to happen with Grace.

"First we are going to go to Grace. And we are going to find out what she has on Lydia." He says with a smirk. I knew that smirk only meant one thing, he was creating a diabolical plan. We are going to take down Grace.

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