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Jennifer's POV:

Ughh, Finally home..

It was a very busy day for me, as i had to meet with 4 companies in just a day.

I fiddled in my purse to find the keys of my house, It has been a whole year since that day.

Once I found the keys, I unlocked the door, I entered my house and something seemed change like something was not right, like someone has been here other than me.

But all the things were in there place, Something is strange, I know it..

I walked further into my house, What the-!..

I always put the lights out before leaving my house, but the lights of kitchen and the dining room are open.

I feel like someone was behind me so i turned around to find, No-one..

Maybe I am just paranoid, I told myself.

I started walking towards the kitchen to make something, delicious, something which i crave.

*Thud* , There was a sound of something dropping and the breaking of glass.

"Wh-Who Is there?"I call out but receive silence in return.

Maybe a cat got in or it's just the wind, Once i stepped through the kitchen.

My eyes went wide like saucers and the sight infront of me had shook.

My kitchen was a mess, I was about to scream when a hand clamped on my mouth and prevented me from shouting.

Tears of fear started rolling down my cheek, "Shh, Don't scream or make any move"A familiar voice whispered in my ear.

I know this voice.

But I can't remember who it is...

"I am going to remove my hand from your mouth and you're going to be a good-girl and not scream or make any move, understand?"The man said from behind me.

I just nodded, afraid of the outcome, What if it is a killer psychopath out on a killing spree?.

"Close your eyes",I didn't move a muscle as i was confused.

"Close.Your.Eyes"He warned me and this time I did closed my eyes.

I felt the man moving from behind me and coming in front of me.

"Open them"He said in a rough voice.

I slowly opened my eyes to see.





"What aren't you happy to see me, Jeni?", He emphasized on the nickname, he used to call me.

"A-Aidan?, What are you doing here?"I ask him.

"Came to seek revenge"..

Was his only reply when something hard was hit against my head and everything turned Black.

The End..


So do you guys want a sequel?, if yes please comment and tell me, 

And another story is on its way..

I wish it also gets as much support and love as this one..

Bye, See you the nest time.

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