Part 2: "Is that too sudden?"

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     At the end of the school day, I walked out to my locker like normal. I twisted in my combination. I opened the locker door slightly ajar. A small pink sticky note fluttered out of it. I walked over and picked it up. I gently turned it over and it's read the following:

     "Meet me today at 7/11, 4:00  I'll buy you something."

      Signed, "Lance Mcclain, from art class"

     He was adorable, I don't know if I'd say I was in love with him. Yet. I know I probably will be and I know that probably sounds crazy but he's just so charming. Hell, he has the ability to turn literally anything into a pick-up line.

     Along with the other students, I pushed through the halls. It smelled like everyone just got out of P.E... Wonderful

     I paced through the halls so I could make it to 7/11 in time to meet lance. Of course, it was difficult considering the fact that there was about 300 students running through the hall at once but I mustered up enough strength to push through the crowd.

     I turned on my phone to see what time it was. It was 3:45 I had to hurry up and make it to 7/11 by 4:00.

     I walked outside as a cool breeze brushed up against my face, blowing my hair back. I enjoyed the moment for a bit.

     Then a leaf hit me in the face.

     I realized I was off track and needed to hurry up so, I jogged quickly in the north direction, the way to 7/11.

     I arrived at the store, Lance wasn't there yet, obviously, it was only 3:56. Lance should be here in only a few minutes. My stomach pulsed with a tickley feeling. I've never felt that before. I was curious if I might be sick or something.

     Maybe Lance would know. Yeah, I'll just ask him. I thought. The small bell on the door rang as I sat up from one of the booths. I saw Lance, he had his jacket off, he just had some blue jeans and a blue baseball shirt.

     "Hey Ke-"
     "Lance, uhm, you look nice or something..?"

     Lances face glowed bright red. "Thanks, you too." He said despite the fact that I had been wearing these clothes all day.

     "So, what do you want, Keith?"

     "Well, uh I uh I- like- like soda or something?"

     "What in the fuck is up with you, man?" Lance asked me giggling as he playfully punched me. Then silence took over. Nobody was in the store except us and some employees.

     "Keith, can I ask you something?"

     "Yeah I guess."

     "Would it be too sudden for me to say that I think I might be in love with you?"

Oops sorry for the wait, and sorry for the short chapter I'm a busy person oof rip

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