chapter one : dream

he drinks the cup of water, he held before going to bed. checking if his roommate's are already asleep. he closes the lights in the kitchen and continues drinking his water until he reaches his room. he opens his indigo colored door and open, the lights. 

he puts his glass of water at his desk and changes into some sweats and a shirt. after he was done, he opens his lamp and closes the light. He grabs his copy of the fault in our stars reading chapter 10. 

after an hour of reading, he let a small yawn and put the book on his night table and drifted into a deep slumber. 

  "stop!" she laughs as he splashes water on her. it was a sunny day in london as she and he were having a stroll on the beach,but things changed when he splashed water on her and it turns into a water fight. 

 "stop! liam! stop! please!" she laughs louder as he continues splashing waters at her and he did stop because he was tired and he lifts her up and sways her around. "put me down!!" she demanded in between laughs. 

  "fine" he said while he puts her down and holds her waist and looks down at her with adoration and love. "I love you" he told her as he kisses her forehead as she closes her eyes and smile. 

  "i love you too liam payne" she said in a whisper. 

 "i love you too jane austin" he said back as she smiles and gave him a long kiss

he woke up by the sound of his alarm ringing. he look at his alarm clock seeing it was already 8 in the morning. a smile was plastered on his face because of his dream. "i have to find her" he said as he stood up and tries to find the girl in his dreams.

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