Chapter 28

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D-day. Today's the audition. May the heaven and earth be with me. Hahaha.

As I went inside the building, I was shocked to see Junmyeon hyung together with Yixing and Chanyeol. What are they doing here? Are they here for audition also? Omo


"You too!?" -J

"Yeah I think so. I didn't know that you would all also go for the audition."

"During the event, one staff of SM Ent talked to me and invited me to go for an audition." -Y

"Really!? Same with me!" -J

"Me too!" -C

"So we've been all invited afterall. Hahaha"

"Number 040, you're next!"

I have the number 040. I'm next. /gulps/ This is more nerve wrecking rather than near in losing an online game.

"What can you show for us today?"

"I'm going to sing a song titled "My turn to cry" while playing a piano."

"Okay go ahead. Show us what you've got."

"Can you dance?"

"Not that good but I can dance well."



That fast!? No comments? No criticism? No judgement? Just a question? I'm already accepted?

"Well, you got the looks. You have the talent. You passed. You're accepted. We'll call you when your training will begin."

"Thanks you very much!"

As soon as I stepped out of the room...

"Yes!!! Wohoooooo! Waaaah... I got accepted. Daebak! (Amazing!)"

I still can't believe it

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I still can't believe it. Waaah! I passed the audition! I'm so happy! How about Yixing, Chanyeol and Junmyeon hyung? I hoped they also passed. If they do, I want to have a drink with them. A celebration! Wohoooo!

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