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Daniel's pov 

'LOOK DIANA KNOWS DANIEL'S BIRTHDAY" Corbyn yelled excitedly.

"duh" Jack said.

'damn I really wanna meet Diana though' Zach said while smirking at me. I look at Zach and roll his eyes.

'me too though' Jonah said, smirking.

I sigh and go up the stairs when suddenly I heard ringtone in the guest room. Just right at the end of the corridor of level 2.

'who's inside??' I yelled from the upstairs while looking down at the others.

Jack run up quickly.

'uhm I think you should go down let me settle this' Jack said quickly. He look scared.

' going to my room...'I said. I turn around and walk to my room.

Jack's pov

I sigh in relief.

'yo lets surprisde him bro'

I nod and walk to the guest room and knock on the door.

Diana's PoV

I was calling my mum when suddenly there's a knock on the door. I pause the call and open the door. Jack push me inside and quickly close the door and lock it. I was shock and yell at him,without even care about anyone in that house "what are u tryna do Jack?'

'no boo not like what u thinking' He roll his eyes. 'we're gonna surprise him very soon so be ready alright'

'oh fuck I forgot he's here,in the house and I just yelled at you ??!!!' I said, panic.

'chill girl its okay now get ready for the surprise and everything'

'alright then' I take my phone and end the call. I quickly text my mom.


Hey mom im sorry but I got to go. Lets call next time when im free alright? Love you mom


Its okay dear. Take care ! love u too

I smile. I miss her eventhough I left home just yesterday. I put my phone down and quickly check on my makeup and my outfits. PERFECT. Now im ready to surprise my babe. Cant wait oh god. I text the groupchat because I don't know what to do next.



Okay just slowly get out of the room. Jack will be in charge of Daniel.


Alright then.

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