Chapter 2!

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She ran up to him and hugged him "You know that's not true"

They slowly reversed back to holding hands.

Lief grinned "I know."

"Good" jasmine nodded curtly and stepped back

Lief gave her a puppy dog look "I thought you liked me holding your hand"

Jasmine blushed "but what if someone sees us, like doom"

lief blushed and looked down "but he wouldn't care... Would he?"

Jasmine gave him a look and placed her hands on her hips "this is doom we're talking about doom the leader of the resistance, king endon's best friend, my father, if you were to hurt me in anyway then you might not see the light of day ever again."

"But I would never hurt you!"

"I never said you would, I was just saying that if he or anyone else finds out they might become weird..."


"Expecting things"

"Such as?"

"Marriage! Children! Me becoming some kind of queen! And having an heir!"

Lief blushed and looked at his feet "they wouldn't expect that... We're only 16 years old"

"They thought that when maralin came to del"

"But this is different!"


Lief shuffled awkwardly "well I guess but-"

"No buts! No one can find out or it'll be weird and strange"

"Mother knows" lief mumbled

"What?!"jasmine took a deep breath "I just don't want us to become something we aren't like being pressured into things..."

Lief nodded "I won't let that happen, but for now can we just relax?"he said picking up both of jasmines hands


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