Really random stuff that I think of because I haven't posted in ages

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Things not to say to Chinese people:

1) Oppa Gangnam Style!

(Ayyy....Sexy lady?)

2) Say something in chinese!

3) Say my name in chinese!

(Say stupid if confronted like this)

4) Is it true that people in chinese eat dogs?

(Yes, including curious b*tches *cough* you *cough*We eat those for breakfast)

5) You're so smart

(This is only if they don't even know you. If they don't know you, flip your hair and agree, then saunter away! This goes to you too, girls)

6) You all look the same!

(yup, and that Irish dude-yes you!-looks the same as that French dude!)

7) I totally love General Tsao chicken and fortune cookies!

(Yes, and I totally love McDonald's. They both represent all of their countries food, no?)

8) CHING CHIONG HAYEAH!!! What did I say?


If the Harry Potter series were chick books:

1)Harry and Tom: Frenemies Forever

2) Harry and Tom: Reunited

3) Harry and Tom: Switching Loyalties

4) Harry and Tom: Tom's Revenge

5) Harry and Tom: Dreams

6) Harry and Tom: CHICKEN!!! Just kidding...

7) Harry and Tom: The Final Spat


Yeah....I really would explain why this is so random, but you know, I'm too lazy to do that....How about you refer to the title of this chapter?

On a side note, I would really like to let you guys know that I made all of these thingies up in this chapter (with some help from my not-so-flamablamablous sister (just kidding, you're as cool as that fire!)), so yeah....try not to take credit for them...

Okay, if you read that author's note, then I would like to tell you........


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