Chapter 11 - Leave Me

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No one's POV

Killer picked up his phone hastily and glanced at the notification glaring from his screen. He looked quickly up again.
"Swapfell's found him. He'll be back in a minute."
Dust looked thrilled. "That's good!"
Nightmare kissed Killer on the cheek. "What kinda freak connections do ya have, honey?"
Killer laughed. "None, but Swapfell owes me one and he has them for sure."
"Oh, ok."
Killer rubbed his skull. A headache still lingered from fainting. He groaned.
"Why am I always unconscious or somewhere else when interesting things happen?"
Nightmare grinned. "Maybe that's the reason you're still alive,"
"Nah, a lot of people try to murder me in my sleep," Killer yawned. "They fail, evidently, because my dreams involve a lot of dodging blades anyway."
"So you avoid murder by sleeping?"
"That's.... Kinda hot."
Killer blushed a lot.
"B-Bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" He retorted, and backhanded Nightmare in the face.
"That's what you get for making me blush,"
"That was hot, too,"
"It's official. It's time to stop."
Swapfell burst in and ran to one of the maps. He pointed at a small timeline marked Dreamtale. Nightmare looked shocked. Killer raised an eyebrow.

Killer POV

"Here." He confirmed. "My scouts say they saw him being dragged into a room unconscious a few days ago."
"Let's go," Dust said, and I nodded, before turning to Nightmare.
"Wanna tag along, sweetheart?" I asked in my sweetest voice.
"Sure~" He agreed, and Dust took a look at the map, before teleporting everyone there. I looked around apprehensively. Nothing. Just the same old Dreamtale. I turned to Nightmare, since he had the best magic out of all of us, therefore the most likely to sense a soul signiture. He raised a tentacle for silence and looked around, his eyes narrowed. He stepped back.
"We don't have a lot of time. It's getting weaker. We need to find him." Nightmare pointed northwards. "Over there, about a mile."  He added, before  walking that way, us following.

Horror POV

How long have I been here....?

I've lost count of every second trapped within these walls.....

I have to stay hopeful.... I have to trust them... I have to stay determined.

Maybe they've forgotten about me already?

What if they don't care?

What if.... They didn't notice I was gone?

Maybe they're more happy now I'm here...?

What if I deserved this?


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