Twice [Karma Akabane] (REQUEST)

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"Are you going to be here soon?"

"Yes soon!"

You waited for another ten more minutes, sitting on the couch as you watched the clock. The hour hand was about to move. What was taking him so long? You decided to watch some TV, turning on the time you decided to binge watch your favourite anime, Karma the lil Brat.

It was one of your favourite anime and was coincidentally a red head that caused mischief. Sometimes you would joke about Karma being a little devil and all.

Your phone begun to ring, stopping the episode, you picked up your phone answering the call.


"Hello (y/n), please come to the hospital your friend is hurt!"

You winced at the comment. You truly cared for your friends who was this person? You suddenly felt worried for them. 

Grabbing your coat you got ready. You   called your cousin, who could drive and was 10 houses away.

You were very worried. Your stomach churned. Looking at your phone to check if there were messages every few seconds.

"We're here!" you cousin called out.

You thanked your cousin, walking away to the hospital entrance. The huge building was 10 story high. It loomed over you.

You checked behind you and your cousin was no longer there. Walking into the entrance, you asked the receptionist. The lady directed you to your friend. Who was on the second last level, 9, you thanked her.

Walking quickly towards the elevated you punched the digit in. The elevator slowly rose, waiting in the metal box as you wondered who was this friend.

The elevator pinged, the double doors slid open revealing a long corridor. Each side had a number, engraved in a gold colour. They were all closed expect for one.

"Are you sure he's alright?" you heard a voice spoke in the open door room.

Walking out was Kayano, her face was pale white. She looked like she just saw a ghost, "(y/n)! I'm glad you're here."

"Hello Kayano!" you responded.

"Please don't be shocked when you go into the room. Sorry I have to go now." the green hair female apologised, bowing down and jogging away.

You peaked your head around the door frame and looked at the room. It was just any friend that was hurt.

It was your boyfriend, Karma Akabane.

Dressed in a white hospital gown. His cheeks had a little bit of purple. He had a bandage wrapped around his head, his red hair could be seen.

"K-Karma," your voice crackled as you tried to process the scenario.

"Ahhh... You must be (l/n) (f/n)." a voice spoke behind.

You turned around and saw a nurse. Dressed in white, holding her clip board as she scribbled down so quick notes.

"Unfortunately, he has gotten into a car accident. The car's breaks broke and was unable to stop in time, crashing into the male who was on his bicycle."

Tears welled in your eyes.


But what? He was going to be in your heart? He was going to be remembered.

"But he's not entirely gone. He still has a few more hours, we can't really save him."

Karma played a major roll in your life.  As a friend, boyfriend, somebody to rely on. Although he was mischievous and annoying he truly loved you deep down inside.

"Is there anything you would like me to do, regarding Karma?"

"Yes, one more thing."

You laid down in the white clothing. Your parents shocked and crying. They didn't know what to say.

It was truly your choice and nobody was able to stop you.

"Are you really sure?" the doctor asked as he got ready.

"Yes absolutely." you replied not hesitating.

The male woke up. Looking around the room, white walls, a white gown. Was he dead?

"You're awake now I see," the nurse stood up from her seat.

"W-What happened?"

He realised he was in the hospital. The wave of events suddenly hit him. He was hit by a car and he's chance of survival was slim yet he was still alive.


"(l/n) told me to give you this."

The male reached his hand out slowly, grabbing his hand out. Holding the letter, he was shaking as he opened it.

Why was he so scared?

He tore open the letter, it was written in your hand writing.

Dear Karma,

Congratulations on your recovery! I hope you're okay! I was really worried when you were late, I suspected something bad happened.

The Nurse told me what happened and I can say, I was honestly very worried. You scared me. Don't you ever do that again!

I hope everything is working out for you. Your heart is beating well. I'll be always in your heart, physically and metaphorically.

I can't explain much right now but make good use of everything that comes your way!

(l/n) (f/n) aka (n/n)

The letter was sad. What did it mean. He looked at the nurse who was sad and silent. Her head was down.

"Where's (y/n)?"

The Nurse only managed to say, "heart."

Rereading the letter again, he found the words strange. Checking his head, there was a bandage. Pulling  his gown up, checking his stomach where he was hit, there was a scar.

What intrigue him there was a recent fresh closed up wound on his chest, on his left. When did he hit his chest? He never recalled injuring that area in the accident.

Suddenly he realised what the letter meant about the heart.

You were literally in him not here anymore.

You gave your heart up for him, letting him live once more.



Oki forgive me please. I'm going to be doing a week of fluff and then angst.

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