I couldn’t help but feel as though I was in a cliché movie as I pressed my face against the glass of the car window, looking out onto the oncoming scenery and listening to ironically fitting music as the radio blasted out through the car. Of course, this was One Direction in the car so there wasn’t a quiet moment and I could barely even hear the radio between Louis hysterical laughing when Harry decided to tickle him in the backseat, and Niall’s constant complains of being hungry. 

We were only a block away from my house now, which meant a step closer to Rachel, Lucy and Annabelle. I could not wait to go to Paris. I still couldn’t believe my best friends had kept this from me! Not only the fact that they had really big mouths, but I was surprised they hadn’t gone on twitter or anything, especially Annie, who was addicted to that site. 

“Katie?” Zayn asked all of a sudden, the boys starting to get quieter in the background.

“Yep?” I turned my head to face him, he kept his eyes on the road like the sensible boyfriend he was. Boyfriend…wow.

“Who have you seen live…in concert?” Zayn raised his eyebrows in question.

“Hmm…Boyce Avenue, Matt Lonsdale, The Promise, and a little unknown band called One Direction. Ever heard of them?” I asked jokingly.

“Really? Nah. One Direction, I think I heard that some guy’s name rhyming with Vain is in it, and he’s super-hot!” Zayn batted his eyelashes as I burst out laughing.

“More like Lame” Niall muttered.

I turned round to give him a high five and his lips lifted into a smile….what was up with him?

“The girls are waiting outside your house” Liam informed us, looking up from his phone with a slight smile. 

I could tell this was probably hard for him, all his band mates had someone they liked in the group, I’m such an idiot. He must feel like such a 9th wheel. Damn! I had been so inconsiderate! While we are in Paris, I will be sure to make sure that Liam didn’t feel left out and I will defiantly be finding him a girlfriend. Of course, not that he needed help with the thousands, millions even of girls throwing themselves at him.

Zayn pulled up outside my house when I saw 3 eager looking girls bouncing with suitcases in their hands. As soon as the car stopped I leapt out and ran over to my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks.

I jumped on them, forcing them all into a hug and they laughed. I had a big, goofy grin on my face and they all smiled back at me.

“I missed you guys so much” I told them.

They all hugged me tighter till I couldn’t feel myself breath anymore so I motioned my hand for Zayn to come help me.

“As much as I like all you guys, you gotta stop suffocating my girlfriend” Zayn chuckled, pulling me out of their embrace.

“thank you!” I smiled at him, inching closer to him.

I looked around at all the huge suitcases and bags that we were bringing along with us, how were they meant to fit into the car, as all of the seats were taken?

“Umm…guys. How are we all meant to fit into Zayn’s car?” I asked sceptically.

“Tour bus” Louis shrugged.

I froze “Hold up! You mean to say we are going on a One Direction TOUR BUS to Paris….?” I felt my eyes get wide as everyone was chuckling lightly.

I saw several nods “This is like my dream come true!” I said excitedly.

“Wait…your telling me that dating THE Zayn Malik wasn’t your dream?” Zayn feigned shocked.

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