𝙫𝙞. 𝙣𝙤 𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙜𝙖𝙜𝙚

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( chapter six - no longer gage )


mike struggled to help will up, but forced himself to do so. mike grabbed will's arm over his shoulder to support him to walk. will's eyes were still in terror, but was able to get up with the help.

"all right, take it easy." dustin tried reassuring mike, lucas being the only one with dustin now after max and macy had left.

"i got him." mike snapped at the curly haired boy. lucas and dustin were shocked at his blowout on his two best friends, but he had been this way since eleven was gone and max and macy had arrived to school.

"mike?" dustin exclaimed.

mike started pulling will away from the two others, "keep trick-or-treating. i'm bored anyways," mike rambled on, now walking up the stairs that will had managed to run down from.

dustin and lucas looked at each other in utter disappointment at what their best friend mike had become over the year. the year after will went missing. the year after they met eleven and defeated the demogorgon. the year after he lost eleven to that monster.

max and macy were back home, just the two of them. their parents went out for a halloween dinner date while their brother was out getting drunk and partying with the rest of the high schoolers.

"what do you think mike's problem is with us?" max wondered, looking at macy who was brushing through her redhead locks.

macy shrugged, running her hand through her hair as she looked at herself in the mirror. max was laid back in her bed, still in the black clothing from trick or treating. macy on the other hand, was already ready for bed.

"no idea." macy took a deep breath, remembering the moment she had slapped him across his cheek that turned red soon after, "don't know. don't care."

"do you possibly think that's it's because of something personal?" max asked once again. she was getting on macy's nerves with all of her nonsense questions, but macy kept her patience with her.

"possibly. but like i said," she spun in her chair to face max, "don't know and definitely don't care."

mike and will were back in the wheeler's household. their candies and chocolates all scattered across the living room floor, the two boys still in their costumes.

mike asked will to explain what he was feeling earlier that night, "it's like.. like i'm stuck."

"like, like stuck in the upside down?" mike stutters frantically, looking at will with wonderous and curious filled eyes.

will sighs, "no. you know on a view-master, when it gets like..."

"caught in between two slides?" mike answered will, and he nods. will's small hands move constantly when he tries explains stories or analogies, but never seems to explain well.

"like one's slide's our world, and the other slide is.. is the upside down." will explains the comparison between his episode and the view-master slides. how he was somewhat stuck in between both slides, switching on and off from time to time.

mike stayed silent, waiting for will to finish his explanation. "and.. and there was this noise coming from everywhere." will didn't blink once. "and then i saw something."

"the demogorgon?" mike looked at will, chills sent throughout his whole body.

"no," will stated, "it was like this huge shadow in the sky. only, it was alive. and it was coming for me."

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