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Chapter 1-First Moon

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Third Person POV
November 5, 1898

Eli, Frank, and Sophia Russell were enjoying the company of their parents in a small cabin. Their father was chopping wood and their mother was cooking some meat stew. "Eli, come here!" Mother called. Eli rushes to her and is smiling happily. "Mother, that smells heavenly. Is it almost done?" His mother smiled in response and handed him some bowls. Father came back with lots of wood and began to start a fire. The children gathered at the table and gladly ate their stew. After clearing the table, the family sat down and were splitting a whole chocolate bar. It was often a treat the family would have once a month. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Mother went to see at the door and it was two gentlemen at the front porch. "Good evening, ma'am. We're two hungry travelers who lost our way. Could you please spare us some food?" My father was leery and approached the door. "We just finished our supper. We might have some leftover." The two men walk in the home and placed their belongings on the floor. Mother pours them coffee as well as the stew. "What brings you two out in this neck of the woods?" The two men are almost finished with the stew and coffee. "We were traveling and lost our way. We stumbled upon your very humble home and here we are." The man smiled. Sophia hid behind Frank. Eli also held onto Frank. They knew something was wrong. With no warning, both men pulled out guns and began shooting the family. All were riddled with bullets. "Let's steal any valuables you see." The men gathered Mother's necklace, rings, and even a silver fork. All were left to bleed out. Eli was gasping for air and crawled towards his parents, who already departed. "Mom! Dad!" Eli yelled. He then crawled back to his siblings and cried over their bodies. "Help! Someone help me!" Eli cried. Eli was close to giving up to join his family when suddenly, a wolf walked in, sniffing around the cabin along with another man. This man had on black clothing and dark piercing eyes. "Brother, he's still alive. Can we still save the rest?" The wolf then transformed into a tall and tanned man. He was slightly toned and built and he had only maroon pants and was barefoot. "We can. They only just passed. Gather the bodies." Eli saw one man pick his Father and Mother up in one arm and his sister in another arm. The other man gathered Eli and his brother Frank and left the cabin. Eli was trying to stay awake but to no avail.

Eli Russell POV
Few Hours Later
I woke up with my wounds healed. I was on a bed next to a fireplace. There was some herbal tea next to my bed. I got up from Ed, wrapped a robe that was left for me around my body and walked out of the room. I walked downstairs and see my family. MY FAMILY! Awake and alive! "Eli, you're up. We were waiting for you." My mother, Mary, said. She then extended her arms and embraced me. My father, Bruce, and siblings also hugged me. Tears fell from my eyes. "H-H-How did you all survive? You were dead!" I exclaimed. Suddenly, the wolf I saw and man walked in. The man's eyes went from black to green. "We heard the gunshots and raced over to the cabin. Then, we could smell the blood and knew that it was only a matter of time until you passed. We resurrected your entire family, only if you allowed us one thing." I was waiting in anticipation. "You must become a werewolf. You shall live for many years and be apart of a new family." I looked at my family, who are smiling. I sigh and say, "I'll do it." The man offers me a chalice encrusted with rubies that contains clear liquid. I drink it and feel nothing at first until then my senses are heightened. My vision was amazing and my hearing too. My sense of smell were heightened as well. I was amazed. "Now, you're one of us. As is your family." The man replied. I looked at my family and held them close as we would be together for eternity.

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