The fall

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**********please read!! hey guys! ok this is a real question! ok so why do you think Hannah has blue eyes when every one else in her family has brown? I have planed this since the begging and about to get to it! so comment below what you think! **********


When we got to the carnival we played games, rode the rides and a whole bunch of other stuff. "Hannah come on I wanna show you something." Shawn said whispering in my ear. I smiled and grabbed his hand. he led me to were we were going. it was 7 so it was getting dark. he led me to a conner on a fence and he said "look at the beautiful sunset, it's almost as beautiful as you"
I blushed and he kissed my nose. He then grabbed my hand and said "I said I would wait but I can't wait any longer may I, again?" I noded. he leaned and and our lips meet. sparks didn't fly. instead I got butterflies in my stomach and softness on my lips. His singing lips are as perfect ad him. His lips tasted like bubblegum. ( haha what? 😂) I pulled away and smiled he did to. I put my head on his chest and he pulled me in by my waist. I put my hands around his torso. we just stood there in silence hugging. *click* I heard I let go of shawn and turned around to see a girl with black hair. she smiled and ran off. I looked at shawn and he looked shocked. "Uh-oh now people are going to know were dating." I said putting my hands on my head. "hey it's ok they were going to find out sooner or later."shawn said pulling my hands away and kissing my forehead. "I guess so" I said "let's go back" we started to walk back and I saw cameron and the rest of them. "hey cameron!" I yelled he turned around and smiled. "I bet you I will beat you" I said to Shawn. "your on" he said we started to race. I fell and hit my head and that's all I remember when it went black.


Hannah and shawn started to race. I laughed until Hannah tripped and fell. I ran over to her and I shook her she wouldn't move. "someone call NINE ON FUCKING ONE!" I yelled Shawn got out his phone and called. "Hannah- Hannah please- please wake up!" I said with a tear coming down my cheek. I picked her up and I saw lights flashing. it was the ambulance. I ran to them with her. "here sh- she won't wake up." I said still crying. "we will take her to the hospital are you going to ride with?" he asked. I nodded "meet me at the hospital" I said to Allysa and he guys. I hopped in the back of the ambulance and we drove off. god please let Hannah be ok please!


We all ran to the house and got into matts car. He drove off. i started to cry. "hey she will be ok" nash said from behind me. i looked at him "but what if she's not! I would lose my best friend! my other half! we have grown up together! she's like my sister. I love her just like one. I have no idea what I will do if she's not ok." I said now full out crying. " hey don't think that way! think positive. she will fine I promise. and she is like a sister to me to." nash said.

Please don't go Hannah, please don't leave me.

(( on guys the 3 chapters I promised! I hoped you liked them all! I might update tomorrow! so why dose she have blue eyes? I have a hint in this chapter so I hope you saw it!




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