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Ch.42 Not meant to be celebrated part 2

We walked down the streets pretending to be productive with our lives as Savage told me the plan for my 'surprise birthday party.' It's been nearly two hours since we left the hospital, and yet evening knowing it will eventually end...

I felt my soul sink knowing I was going to celebrate the day everything went wrong. However, having my long lost half sister finally by my side again, and Savages surprisingly comforting humor...I felt better in some ways.

"...So you realize the moment we reach the outside area of the's going to start and there's no backing out unless you want to explain why you had a panic attack there right?" Savage asked as I nodded.

"I know..." I sighed as my sister gave me a reassuring smile.

"You just hoping to act all koi about it?" She asked as I looked at her weird.

"...koi?" I asked as she snickered.

"I officially listen to Blaze too basically means cool." She sighed face palming as she muttered about Blaze under her breath.

I mentally laughed at her as I let out a sigh, some what wishing I could just lean further against the brick wall and just disappear.

I looked up above the lining the trees and houses created, at the sky as the events so far this school year rooted around in my head. This year... has been eventful to say the least.

I looked over to Lux who also leaned against the wall, she seemed uneasy and she hadn't spoken much at all.

"...Are you okay?" I asked as she glanced at me than at the side walk.

" I...I think I'm regretting some things, Fu Fu..." She whispered loud enough for me to hear.

"You still call me that?" I asked trying to suppress a laugh.

"It's weird calling you your actual name, besides I prefer the nickname I gave you." She smiled a small smile.

"Of course you do, it still sounds like a nickname for a sister though..." I sighed as Savage suddenly stood up from sitting on the concrete sidewalk.

"...You ready? You know it's never too late to back out if you don't want to go." She asked concerned.

"Back out? With what excuse?" I asked.

" I don't know. You could always just say that you just got a new job as a pole dancer yesterday through the internet." She shrugged giving me a blank expression that said,' I don't care what I say, it's the truth.'

Lux busted out laughing as my face became as blue as Blue's eyes, I glared at her not being able to believe what she just said despite knowing her well enough to expect it.

"Are you insane!? That won't work, I'm in the hospital for goodness sake! Besides even if that dumb excuse still worked, that would be a horrible thing to tell all of them!" I yelped as she shrugged again.

"Horrible for everone except PJ!" She hummed in a sing song voice as I glared at her more.

"...Your disgusting..." I mumbled.

"disgustingly accurate? I agree! Now let's go." She chimed as we made our way back to the hospital.

"Heehee! Your friend is funny, Fu Fu!" Lux giggled as I rolled my eyes despite agreeing.

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