Danganronpa AU 2

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3rd person POV

It was 9:56 am when Nick Barbarian was found dead in the storage room. Dawn Riku found him while trying to get another chip for his laptop. He was hanging by his hands on 2 poles. He has a deep cut in his stomach and it looks like he was killed by being  stabbed in the head. His mouth was covered up. All there was was a pencil with no blood. Everyone thought it was Uni except Luna and Dawn. It's time to go to the grand hall. Everyone was a little surprised since one body could think of a reason to kill him. Cory felt the same way as Sky and Max was when they saw their best friend dead. This game was a risk taking and sad. Rip Nick Barbarian. You will be missed. :(

Luna's POV

It was a bit calmer than the last one. "This is a little harder than the last one. The pencil wasn't sharp enough to stab some one and the killer must have cleaned up and left no evidence" I explained. "Uni could have been it. His lucky pencil might have been that pencil" Jon said. "My lucky pencil is right here" Uni said and pulled out a pencil. Cory had his head down. I looked at Nick's picture. Nick use to stand right next to Cory so seeing a best friend's picture with a big red X on it might had made him sad. Ross's and Jin's picture was the same, a big red X on their pictures. I got right back into the conversation. "Uni might have done it since Uni and Nick are rivels" Barney said. "The killer might have blame it on Uni so that he or she could get away with it since Uni and Nick were rivels" I explained. "This Is Too Hard" said.............Yellow. "Yellow, calm down. Now is not the time to talk" said Red. That's when it hit me. I knew what the killer did but I didn't know who. "Ladies and gentleman. I think I know who did it. Here is how it went.
The culprit needed a victim someone during the night. Nick went to the bathroom and after he went, the culprit went behind him and knock him out with hammer 2 in the storage room or the closet. They picked him up carried him due to his weight. The culprit took the body to the storage room where the poles were. They put the poles there in the afternoon when everyone was playing video games. The string and the tape was already in the storage room and the pencil was from Barney's lab. They got the knife from the kitchen while going to the storage room, specifically the long yet sharp one, the Big Daddy. They got there and hanged both of Nick's hands to the rope. The culprit stabbed him in the stomach. The culprit didn't want anyone to hear what was going on so they used tape. Nick woke up and tried to scream for help but it failed due to the tape. The culprit stabbed him in the head, killing him. Then, they got to work. The culprit cleaned up all the blood and dropped the pencil to blame it on Uni. The culprit took the tape and the hammer back to where it was. The culprit took the knife back to the kitchen and cleaned up all the blood. This was the culprit's mistake, they put the knife on the counter, not in the cabinet since they were in a rush. The culprit went back to their room and pretended like nonthing ever happened" I explained. "The culprit is............ Max Mithzan, wasn't it" I answered. "I thought I was going to win" he said. I could see the anger in Cory's camera eye. We all agreed it was Max and the punishment began.


Max was in a long hallway that was about 10 to 30 yard long. Max began to run to the end until axe were flying in every direction. Monokumu was at the end wearing a viking hat. Max still ran getting hit in the legs, arms and the rest of his body. He was at the end of the hallway limping with a bunch of scars and cuts. When he got to the end, he saw Monokumu on 1 giant axe man. The axe man swang his axe and cut off Max's head. Monokumu got off, grabbed his head, took a picture and send it to everyone. Everyone was all sad and worried. Cory and Sky was feeling  and thinking the same way. Why did they do this? Luna got more scared and Shelby was crying after her cousin and Max died.

Hey Lovers. This part had 4 scratched ideas. I was going to make Cory die, Shelby die, Ashley have the punishment and  have Barney have the punishment. Cory is saved for another part and Shelby was way too nice. Ashley punishment will be later and now I feel like I'm making the Skymedia die first then the NSC so, I'll change up the next one. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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