Official Requests

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Hi everyone. Due to the huge amount of requests that I'm getting, I have decided to create a form for you to fill out. If you've already sent in a request, I would appreciate it if you would fill out the form so I have everything I need to get started. Don't worry, you will not lose your place on my list. I will message you if I don't have all the details I need or if I need the information resent. If you don't fill out the form or fail to reply to my message then I will skip your request and you will need to resubmit it.  

Here is my list thus far:

Chapter 27: Neji Hyuga x OC Request by: Sutetchiusagi

Chapter 28: Suigetsu x OC Request by: krazytaytay

Chapter 29: Shikamaru x OC Request by: FictionalCait

Chapter 30: Itachi x Sasori x Reader

Chapter 31: Hidan x Kakuzu x Reader

Chapter 32: Madara x Izuna x Reader

Chapter 33: Itachi x Kisame x Reader

Chapter 34: Itachi x Pain x Reader

Chapter 35: Gaara x Matsuri

Chapter 36: Obito

Chapter 37: Naruto Uzumaki

Chapter 38: Indura x Goddess reader

Chapter 39: Gaara x OC Requested by: Nightcore_Ninja

Chapter 40: Deidara x Sasori x Reader

Chapter 41: Naruto x Hinata

Chapter 42: Hinata Hyuga x male reader

Chapter 43: Gaara x OC Requested by: -Anime_Fangirl-

Chapter 44: Shino x Kiba x Reader

Chapter 45: Sai

Chapter 46: Naruto x Sasuke x Reader

Chapter 47: Shikamaru Nara

Chapter 48: Deidara x OC Requested by: ovokrystal

Chapter 49: Fem Naruto x Fem Kyuubi x Male OC Requested by: RexKingofDragons26

Chapter 50: Hidan x OC Requested by: lillyrose567

Chapter 51: Kakuzu x Kisame x OC Requested by: bloodyrose951

Chapter 52: Naruto x OC Requested by: IAmAJinchuuriki

Chapter 53: Boruto x OC Requested by: SunshineBaby19

Chapter 54: Kimimaro

Chapter 55: Gaara x reader (Naruto's sister)

Chapter 56: Tobi (Part 2)

Chapter 57: Orochimaru (Part 2)

Chapter 58: Deidara x OC Requested by: Firelilly18

Chapter 59: Hidan

Chapter 60: Shizuma Hoshigaki

Chapter 61: Lee x OC Requested by:  _Mega_Fangirl_Person

Chapter 62: Hidan

Chapter 63: Lee x OC Requested by:  ArtisticMadman76

Chapter 64: Lee x OC Requested by:  BeyBurstLover

Chapter 65: Gaara x Sasuke x Naruto x Reader

Chapter 66: Shisui Uchiha

Chapter 67: Tsundere Shikamaru x OC Requested by: OfficialLeaneV (not a lemon)

The Request Form link is in the comments. 

I love you guys and thank you for your patience. Also please support me if you can. I'm on Fiverr. Please check it out. (The link is also in the comments)

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