Corny Much?

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Passing cornfields and wheat fields loomed out in a ghostly way on either side of the car. It was dark out and stars twinkled in the sky like specks of dust.

'Pity it's dark, them fields are a sight for sore eyes in the light. They be green now, but when they're ride, they'll be a gold brighter than Goldilocks' hair' said Lilly's grandfather Peter Wetherfield.

'True and you have to wait until morning to see them' said grandma smiling at Lilly and David. Lilly smiled as if the smile was wrenched from her against her will. She rolled her yes.

Can't wait to see "them fields". How exciting! Not! thought Lilly.

Finally, they reached the final destination, the farm house of her grandparents. There was a sprawling set of fields that surrounded the house and the large barn. The house itself was tucked out of sight by a large willow. On one side of the house, there was an apple tree. It had a well-kept, tidy front lawn full of flowering bushes and shrubs along the edges.

The house had white walls and window boxes spilling with what must be plants that flowered during the day Lilly supposed. The shutters, windowpanes and gables were painted a rich, dark red. There were several tall trees around the house, providing shade. Located away from the house was the enormous barn which was where the animals were kept. It was visible even from the distance. All around the house and the barn were fields, fields and more fields. Some, Lilly could see, were home to corn, corn and more corn and few squares of wheat. There was a white picket fence running around the edges of the fields.

The car pulled into the garage and grandpa killed the engine. They all trooped out of the car and made their way to the front door. Grandma reached out into her pocket and brought out a key. She opened the dark red front door with its gold knocker and entered. Lilly and David took several tentative steps in to the house, with grandpa bringing up the rear.

'Welcome home' smiled grandma.

Home. Right snorted a voice in Lilly's head.

Lilly soon discovered the house was quite large and full of homely items that Lilly liked and admired to see in a house. The floors were of dark oak panels that shone, adorned here and there with a well placed carpet or two. The house was spacey and was painted in simple colors, decorated with photographs, paintings and other items such as vases and wrought iron candle stands. There was a lingering smell of chocolate and strawberry jam in the air intermingled with a hint of turpentine. The large, wooden staircase was of rich, gleaming holly and seemed like a type of staircase that a young bride could make an entrance on.

There were two rooms in the ground floor and four upstairs. Lilly and David chose to sleep upstairs. They were allowed to choose any room they wanted and Lilly was glad because she would have hated to sleep in a room that didn't feel right to her.

After going through two of the rooms, Lilly came to a room with a slanted ceiling. It was just below the attic stairs. The room was not very large, but it had plenty of space. There were windows on two sides of the room. One window was partially obscured by a large apple tree. Both windows looked out to see fields. Sprawling fields of corn as far as the eye could see.

The walls were painted in white and decorated with hand painted ladybirds. There was a large closet and a full length mirror on one wall with a delicate gilded frame. The bedspreads were white with small yellow flowers and there was a soft, round, red carpet with two floor pillows. The curtains that graced the windows were made of a white and red polka dot material to suit the colors of the room. The ceiling of the room, however, was what astounded Lilly. The slanted ceiling had been positively graffitied within an inch of its self with quotes and sayings. At once, Lilly knew this was the room for her.

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