Chapter 19

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"What the hell, Khushi? I have been calling you for last three days and you don't even revert my calls, let alone pick them!"

"I remember messaging you that I'll call back when I am free," Khushi replied in a dull voice.

"And you didn't get one free moment in three days? What are you so busy with?"

Crying. Thinking. Cursing. More crying. "This and that," she said.

"This and that? Seriously?"

"Yes. Talk later?"

"How much later?"

"I'll call you," she bit out.

"No can do, sweetheart. What is troubling you? Out with it."

"Nothing, Archie."

"I am not falling for that, Khushi. Something has happened. You sound too glum for it to be nothing. Tell me."

Arnav betrayed me. My brother is probably unstable. Add in a couple of murders and murder attempts and my life has started looking like a Greek tragedy overnight!

"Khushi, please," Archie cajoled.

Why not? Khushi thought. She was going crazy running circles in her mind since the last three days. She had finally pulled her head out from the sand to face the flaws of her brother... but for what? Just to get betrayal in return from the man she had done it for? She felt alone and desolate. It would do her good to confide in Archie. She trusted him implicitly. There was no one she could talk to, or she would rather talk to. Then, Archie had one of the finest perceptive minds she had ever known and now that he was on the other side of the world, he couldn't butt in and come to any harm.

She had been hiding inside her room on the pretext of a migraine and was aware that this flimsy excuse wouldn't really last her another day. As it is, Bhaiya had been skeptical as to when had she developed this nasty ailment, but there had been no other way to justify her red puffy eyes and need for solace in a darkened room. If she would be honest with herself, she needed outside help as she wasn't doing herself any favors with all the crying. All she was doing was pushing herself to the verge of depression.

"I don't know where to start," she sighed.

Archer didn't comment on her easy capitulation. "Try from the beginning, baby, I have time," he assured.

So she did. Leaving virtually nothing out. Not even Arnav's stupid pregnancy plan.

"That bastard! You must have been hysterical!"

"No." She'd obviously waited to feel the outrage. Waited for the anger to kick in. But it never did. She just felt sad. Enormously sad.

"Hmmm, well yeah, I have never seen you throw a tantrum. Anyway, what are you going to do now?"

"I have a pretty limited range of options. Either I confront bhaiya or I just up and leave this unholy mess and this life behind forever."

"I vote for option two. I'll make the arrangments. You come here. To hell with all of them. Start a new life, darling. You don't have to tie yourself up in knots on the account of their twisted minds."

"I should do just that, shouldn't I?"

There was a pregnant pause at the other end of the line at that.

Khushi closed her eyes as silent tears fell. She knew Archie caught up real fast in such situations.

"But you won't." It wasn't a question.

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