Note: this is a VVEERRYY small chapter, so be warned at its lack of chapterness


Arriving at Dr. Death Defies shack she knocked the code on the door *knock knock-knock-knock knock-knock-knock* a small window in the door opened a crack “you may be gone” the voice from the radio spoke “but out here in the desert your shadow lives on without you” she whispered and the door opened.

“Circuit!” A large man greeted her at the door; he had slightly tanned skin and big black hairy arms, with a ‘Mr. T’ style beard “Doc” she replied in the same welcomed tone. “you have it with you, right?” he asked and she nodded “everything’s there. And get this, their planning to you Pill 2.0 on the Kill Joys and the rest of us” she said, finding an old bean bag and letting herself fall into it.

“I figured, anything else?” he asked, handing her an apple, she bit into it hungrily “it’s just a plan, they haven’t made it yet.” She spoke, half chewing and half gulping it down. “I see. Who’s making this Pill 2.0, is it someone who we could use?” he asked and she shrugged “Maybe, I didn’t ask.” Doctor rolled his eyes. “uhuh.” He said, his deep voice gave away a sense of irritation.  “well I’ll go ask now if it pisses you off so much” she said standing up and he grumbled something. As she went to shut the door he shouted after her “And I still want to talk about that recklessness!” and she rolled her eyes.

Walking up to her van she seen 4 familiar faces, or at least, familiar masks. “Hey boys” she nodded in acknowledgment “Circuit!” they greeted, peering inside the van. Sitting inside she called to the guys. “you know you can go inside, he’s pissed with me but he loves you guys.” She droned on the word love and they chuckled. “I’ll be right in.” She shouted after them and then began talking to her van.

“so, who’s making Pill 2.0?” she asked and the van whirred into action “Dr. Luke Von Lumic. He was captured by BL/Ind and force fed Pills. He has a daughter a little younger than you who their keeping hostage. It seems unreasonable as they drained him of emotions but they have kept her alive” the van answered and she nodded. “Great. So we need to capture this Lumic guy and kill him so he can’t create Pill 2.0, or any others.” She stated simply.

“it is heavily guarded with Draculoids and arms greater than our own.” The van stated and she gave a humourless laugh “yeah, but c’mon, it’s me.” She smirked and climbed out of the van. When she got inside she told them everything. But was not happy with the response.

“you can’t go Circuit. It’s way too dangerous.” Doctor Death said as if it was obvious. “But I suppose the Killjoys’ can, right?” she asked angrily and no one said anything. “Sorry, Circuit. Guess we’re just better.” Party Poison laughed smugly and she punched him in the stomach. “Fuck you.” She stated and he staged being offended.

“They’re—“ Doctor began but she cut him of “what? Better? Older? Or is just a question of favouritism?” she shouted, slamming the door behind her. “They think I can’t do this?” she asked herself “I’ll show them!” she shouted “drive, I’m gonna get this guy myself.”

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