Name: Unknown

Age: 16

Kill rate: 9/10

Short Circuit read the report on herself. “9 outta 10 huh? I’ve improved.” She noted. Hacking into BL/Ind was way too easy for her; they should really try to improve this piece of shit. She thought to herself, tapping the computer screen. Suddenly a loud alarm sounded, like a beeping of a lorry reversing “Crap!” she swore, ripping the MAD Stick out of the socket and running like hell.

It was tapping the computer that set it off her subconscious reminded her. “You don’t think I know that?” she asked herself angrily sprinting out of the BL/Ind building and jumping into the van. “DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!” She screamed and the van sped off, tearing its way off the road and into the desert, the Draculoids in high pursuit. “Fuck! Step on it” she shouted. The van sped faster, but not fast enough. “Can’t you piece of crap go quicker?” she kept shouting

“Sorry Circuit, this is as fast as you programmed me.” The van’s voice from the radio apologised. “Maybe I need to improve this piece of shit” she said, remembering her comment on the BL/Ind computer. “Alright, time to get violent.” She smiled, opening the back doors of the van. They shot at her but it was pointless, the electric armour she’d created deflected the lasers. “Come get it, bitches!” she laughed, throwing out laser-bombs, which had the power of 3 of their guns.

It killed 4 of them. “six more” she whispered. “That all you got, punks?” she screamed as they shot at her. Throwing another bomb one caught it and she swore as it went to throw it at her. “Circuit your armour can only stand single gun-lasers, not your bombs” the van reminded her. “I know! I know” she said brushing him of. Pulling out her gun, she shot the bomb he was holding, killing him and two others in the explosion. “Three more” she said, feeling herself ease off. One Draculoid flung itself onto her van and she kicked it repeatedly “get! The hell! Off!” she shouted per kick before shooting it in the face.  “Two!” she shouted, shooting ones bike tire as it fell to the side, exploding .“ONE” She shouted and shot it three times in the exact same spot.

As the ten bodies started getting further away in the distance, the van slowed and Circuit felt it appropriate to confront her van. “I got it” she said, slinking into the driver’s seat, where the wheel was turning by its self. Or rather, not on its own at all. She’d programmed it not only to be voice activated through radio; but also capable of basic thought process, auto drive and secret compartments that hid weapons. Not to mention it played music at a kick-ass volume.

“Everything?” the van asked in response. “I hope so, because somehow I don’t think I’m welcome back there.” She said giving a backward glance then looked at the memory drive. “I should check now, right?” she asked, even though she knew the answer “Yes” the van spoke, and she plugged the MAD stick in.

“Memory and Data stick inserted” the van spoke “Information as follows: Information on said Killjoys, Information on said trouble makers, Information on Pill, Information on Pill 2.0, information on-“ the van went to continue “wait! Shut up a minute! What was that about Pill 2.0” she asked and the van repeated itself “open information” she said clearly, her voice with a more defining tone “Pill 2.0 is the new and improved better living industries pill, giving people a chance to work for better industries and on a whole, making the world a better place” the van now spoke with a woman’s voice and Circuit scoffed “skip the advertisement crap and tell me what the pill will do, try running the ingredients” she said, waving him off and climbing to the back of the van and grabbing the two way radio.

“Look alive, sunshine” she spoke into it “its 109 in the sky and the pigs won’t quit” a deep male voice spoke back “Doc, its Circuit. You were right.”  She whispered, even though she was certain no one else was there. “you got proof?” he asked and she glanced at the MAD stick “sure as hell do. I’m coming to you now” she nodded and he grunted “good job my little motor baby. Did they know you where there?”

She hesitated “I killed the ones that went after me.” She said quietly and the man on the other end growled “Circuit you have to be careful.” She moaned “its not the living, its the shadow you leave.” She mumbled and he growled again “that doesn’t mean you should risk you’re life.” He shouted and she hung up.

“Circuit, the files are ready” the van spoke up and she slumped back in her seat “go on.”

“The pills drain more than emotion and will, the take away thought process all together and memories. It takes everything human out of them and replaces it.” The van spoke and her mouth went dry, and it wasn’t the desert heat. “Replaces it with what?” she asked and for a second she felt the van hesitated out of emotion. “a need to kill anyone who hasn’t taken it.” It spoke and she nodded.

After a moment’s thought she responded “anything else I should know?” she asked and then van didn’t answer for around a minute “excess information: the pill 2.0 is planning to be used on said Killjoys and Trouble Makers. They also haven’t finished creating Pill 2.0, this is just a plan” The van spoke and she nodded “I expected as much. How far away are we from Dr Death Defy?” she asked and the van waited a second “4 minutes at the speed of our current 60mph” the van said and she nodded.

Walking to the back of the van and took of her metal gas mask and looked at herself in the mirror. Her long black hair and pale skin needed washing. Her blue eyes stood out against the rest of her multicoloured clothes. Her real name was Mandy, but no one called her that anymore. Actually, not since she was 9 back in 2012.

Even then her life hadn’t been normal. A technology genius at the age of 4 and send into a lab to work out how I was so god damn good with electronics. They used to watch her, telling her how they were her friends and didn’t want to hurt her.  She also remembered hating every one of them.

“we won’t hurt you Mandy”

“Just tell us how you worked it out so quickly, Mandy”

“did someone teach you Mandy?”

“how did you do that so quickly, Mandy?”

“I know I shouldn’t ask Mandy, but how do I get past the blocks on the internet?”

Circuit slammed her fists on the side on the van “FUCKING ASS HOLES!” She screamed. They robbed her of her childhood; she’d never played with a doll, or had a sleepover or even had a fucking HUG! She slept in a cellar until she was 9. That’s when the whole BL/Ind came into her life, fucking it up even more. She remembered being told to take that pill and refusing.

That was when Dr. Death Defy had saved her. Busting in and killing them all. Her hero. He adopted her and by the time she was 10 she was killing Draculoids and had been renamed Short Circuit, or just Circuit for short. She built the van out of a broken down one she found in the desert when she was 9. After that she was a hacker for BL/Ind information along with her side-kick and getaway vehicle.

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