Chapter Two

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Y/n P.o.v

I exhaled a warm cloud of air as I pulled Caleb closely by my side.
"Ehh..." He whined, wiggling his injured hand around, it was obvious that he wanted the pain to subside.

We were close to the Gas station my dad had talked about before we had crashed.

But would it be open?
Would we be able to receive any help?

I shook the thoughts away before placing my hands on Caleb's back, I nudged him a bit in front of me.
After all, I was limping- I was slowing him down.
"Go on ahead, caleb..." I informed him, I startled my self a bit. My voice sounded hoarse, that was probably a result from my screaming during the crash.

Caleb wandered ahead of me, but he knew enough to stay in my line of sight.

He grew up knowing to come to me if mom and dad were absent.

I loved taking care of him.
His condition and my responsibility for him led me to grow up with the dream of helping mentally impaired people.

I could tell if a person was like my brother easily at this point.

I lowered a hand to grip my thigh, my nails dug into my skin in an attempt to distract me from the pain just above my knee.

I breathed out a sigh of relief at the silhouette of a building nearing my brother and I.

That must be the Gas Station.

I paused my movements to catch my breath, walking with a deep wound in your leg is a but tiring.
"Caleb- hang on a second," I called.

"Agh?" I could hear Caleb call to me, he stopped walking and turned to look at me. He tilted his head before wiping his bloodied hand on his shirt, he proceeded to waddle towards me.
"Eh, eh, eh!" He nudged me on, grabbing my short sleeved shirt and tugging at it.

"Hang on, Caleb," I stated, before sighing. I continued walking before intertwining my fingers with my little brothers.


"Hello?..." I called as we approached the worn down station.
My eyes landed on the gas pumps, rusted and dirty.

I pursed my lips together and looked down at my brother, he was staring at the dirt on his pants.
"Ugh," he grunted.

"I know, right?..." I muttered in an attempt to raise my spirits.
But that was basically impossible.

We had no idea where our parents were. What could have happened to them?

Would we be able to get help?
What would happen if we were taken to a Hospital but our parents couldn't find us?

I drew in a deep breath and made my way to the wooden door of the building,
I pressed my dirtied knuckles against the material and knocked.
Sure it was a public place, but it was also the middle of the night.
I don't want to intrude.

When a response never came, I took a step back and groaned.
"COME ON!" I yelled to nothing in specific.

Caleb released his grip on my hand and stumbled backward, he slapped his hands against his ears and shook his head violently. "Staah!-" he cried.
I turned my attention to my little brother and swiftly returned to his side, though it hurt, I kneeled down in front of him and grabbed ahold of his wrists.
I slowly lowered his arms to his side.
"Shh..." I whispered.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to scare you..."

Caleb let out a few more whines of sorrow before clinging to my top.
"Do you want me to carry you?" I asked him in the softest tone I could muster.
He nodded quickly before slapping his hands together in quick motions, clapping.

I inhaled a sharp breath as I threw my arms around Caleb and lifted him up and into the air.
He snaked his legs around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

More weight for my injured leg to bare.

I continued onward, in hopes that we may come across someone that could help us.


We'd been walking for at least fifteen minutes. Sure, not a very long time, but it felt like an eternity had passed.

My eyes shot around the naked road I walked along, the corn fields that surrounded my brother and I was intimidating.
It felt as if someone could hop out from behind the rows of corn and murder Caleb and I at any moment.

What a sickening and unrealistic thought.

The silence was simply terrifying, the unknown that shielded the future from my eyes was completely off putting.

Everything about this Texas scenery was unsettling.

The darkness that enveloped my brother and I made it nearly impossible to see where we were.
Even though I was the one doing all of the walking.

Though the lack of lighting made my sight difficult, I could clearly see the faint lights emanating from a building off in the fields of corn.

I pieced together that there must've been people present in the mass, due to the lights that seemed to be on from inside the building.
I had to go there and seek help.

Possibly a place to rest for the night?

I could only hope to be greeted with friendly faces at my arrival.

I hesitantly stopped walking and turned to face the rows of corn that separated the building from my brother and I.
I took a few deep breaths before trudging onward into the field to reach the nearby building.

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