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Cheater! Ayase Eli x Kind! Idol! Female! Reader x Kurosawa Dia


The One Who Promised Me The World

Your POV

Run! Run Run! I'm going really late!

I hope she is not mad at me! Today is our anniversary and just today my manager decided to have a eating for discussing the songs for the next album! I also have in my hands all the ingredients for tonight's dinner and in my pocket I have a ring for marrying her.

I continue running and going up the stairs of my apartment building. Being careful to not damage the flowers I bought for all the decorations.

I finally arrived to my floor and I was in front of my apartment gate. Nothing with much luxury, I also share apartment with my girlfriend since she was still going to the University.

I had to put everything in my right arm to get out the keys and to open up the door. I almost fall over!

I arranged everything in the table and I almost start preparing all the decorations since I thought she wasn't here, being the keyword "thought"

Getting out the roses and putting them in a marble vase in the center of the table I heard a scream coming from our bedroom.

"More! Nozomi!" That voice, it was the voice from my girlfriend, screaming other girl's name.

I decided to ignore it for the moment and continue arranging the entire table, cooking the dinner after that. All of that while hearing the choir of moans and screams coming from the bedroom.

Every time I heard her, screaming, a tear escaped from my eyes. Every time I heard her saying other girl's name, my heart broke. Still I continue cooking, since today was supposed to be special.

At the end, everything was perfect. Roses decorated the table, candles illuminated the room and the gorgeous pasta was served along with some meat and wine while the chocolate cake was still in the oven.

I just sit in a chair, in front of Eli's chair. Listening to another hour of torture.

Then, after I heard the door open, I cleaned my tears but I still couldn't look up.

"Can I stay with your shirt?" I heard a voice I haven't heard for years, Toujou Nozomi.

"Just if I can stay with yours" I looked at them with the corner of my eye, ignoring completely my existence and passing me until they arrived to the door.

"It's a deal then!" So that's how she got new clothes every time I arrived home, making counts this had happened since some years back. Something inside me screamed that she was cheating on me, still I wanted to believe that it were all lies.

I heard the door close, I finally faced up Eli, and she finally noticed me. She just had her blue undergarments and a purple shirt, nothing else. The look in her eyes, showed nothing but sadness, confusion and guilty.

"Take a sit" I told her, to which she obeyed. "Please, take a bite" Eli grabbed a fork and started to eat the pasta, it looks that she liked it. "Is it good?" She just nodded her head. "I'm glad" The night started as it was supposed to be, we ate and we talked a little, well I just talked while she stayed silent. "Time for the cake!" I said, standing up and getting the chocolate cake out of the oven, she didn't know but I had to practice all this dinner for months since I wasn't the best of the cooks. I served both of us the cake and we ate it, its taste was product of different kind of chocolates, but what gave it more flavor was a very rare Russian chocolate, one of the best in the world and thus, one of the most difficult to get. After we finished all the food, we just remain sited, I looked at her with a smile in my face while she didn't even dare to look at me. Not being capable of resisting all of this, I stood up and went beside her, I took the box with the ring out of my pocket and give it to her. "When the time comes, give this to the one you truly love" I said, then I walked towards the apartment door. "You can stay with the apartment and all inside of it. Just know that when the time comes, make sure to never forget your promises, even more if what you promised is the World" Before stepping out, I faced her and flashed a smile. "I love you, Ayase Eli" She faced me and nod at me, starting to cry, mumbling lots of apologies. I just stepped out of the apartment, I went to the garage and step up in my car.

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