his eyes

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Golden- when Eren's gold or Hunny color is not covered, eren becomes strong, evil, and crazy. He will kill the person he wants to kill. Once it's uncovered there is no way to stop him from killing his target. He will kill other people if they interfere. That's why he has it cove with special bandages, he can take it off and put it back on, but only he can do that.

Blue- when eren has his blue mixed with green color eye he is shy, he gets nervous fast, and he is weak. Eren has that eye color out all the time, even if he gets beaten up. He doesn't like to show his other one because he doesn't like to kill people, but he can't control it.
Eren pov~

Why, why did I have to been born. I don't wanna live anymore, I don't deserve to live. My mother died and it was my fault, my dad abuses me, I have no friends, and my adoptive sister ran away from the house. But I won't die, I can't die, there is much stuff I haven't seen yet, and I promise her I would stay alive and accomplish my dreams and goals.

"Eren!! You fucking bastard!!! Why can't you do anything right!!!"

My father screamed at me, grabbing me from my hair and pulling me to my bedroom. He threw me on the floor and started beating me up. The punches and kicks hurt but I know that if I complain it would get worse, but I couldn't stand the pain.

"Oww!!! D-dad please....it hurts so much!!!! Please let me go!!"

Tears started coming down from my eyes and the pain got worse.

"It's your fault your mother is dead!! You are worthless, weak, useless, you never deserve to live!! Die for all I care!!"

My heart hurts every time he said that he will always say that it was my fault my mom is dead, and the worst part is that I actually believe him. I know I'm useless, weak, worthless but hearing this from the person that made your life possible is just so sad.

When my dad stopped beating me up, he got up and left my room with a bang of the door. I started to crawl to my bed, hissing from all of the pain I feel.

"I-i can't do this anymore....mom I'm sorry I failed you... I can't become the son you always wanted to have.....I'm a failure. Mikasa....im sorry I couldn't protect you, I hope your life is better than mine, where ever you are just to let you know....i always believed I can do everything....just because you were with me"

I closed my eyes falling into a deep slumber. But I was awoken from my alarm. Turning it off, I got up and start to put on some clothes on, trying my best to ignore my brain telling me to lay back, and the pain of every part of my body.

"I need to go to school"

I repeated that over and over again if I want to get a good future I need to finish all of my grades.

"I just hope I don't get caught"

I went down the stairs slowly, making sure I don't wake up my drunk dad or I'll get beaten up by him. I made it to the door, opening it slowly and going outside, closing it as I ran away from my house to my school.

"Why do I go to school, I get bullied in there, I just want to finish every grade and have a good future"

I ran and ran, ignoring the pain I'm feeling and made it to my school.

"Hey is that weird kid!!"

Oh no I barely got here, why are they picking on me this early, why can't I just enter without people beating me up and calling me names.

"Lets beat him up!!"

"N-no please, I'll do anything just don't beat me up"

"Anything you say? Then die!!"

Oh, don't worry I'll make it happen, just wait a little more. Then they started to beat me up, everyone just laughs and started to record me getting beaten.

"Oww please stop!! I beg you!!"

"Shut up you freak....nobody cares about you...you don't belong in this world...die for god sake!!"

They stop beating me up. Going inside the school to the bathroom. Looking at my eyes.

"They are right... I should just end my life... I don't have anyone that can stop me from doing this... I forgot how to smile, laugh and..love...no one cares... nothing matters anymore"

I pulled out a razor blade and started to cut my wrist but stopped by a voice telling me to. I put the blade back in my backpack and washed my hands and my wrist, making sure all the blood is gone. I pulled down my sleeve and walked to my class, sitting in the back, making sure no one looked at me.

Then I realized about the song that my mom used to sing to me. I started to sing it in my head.

((play the music))
All I need is a little love in my life
All I need is a little love in the dark
A little but I'm hopping
it might kick start
Me and my broken heart
I need a little loving tonight
Hold me so I'm not falling apart
A little but I'm hopping
It might kick start
Me and my broken heart
Shotgun, aimed at my heart
You got one
Tear me apart and the same
How do we call this love
(Wo oh oh)
I try to run away but your eyes
Tell me to stay oh why-y
Why do we call this love
(Wo oh oh)
It seems like we're been losing control
Somebody tell me I'm not alone
When I say
All I need is a little love in my life
All I need is a little love in the dark
A little but I'm hopping
it might kick start
Me and my broken heart
I need a little loving tonight
Hold on so I'm not falling apart
A little but I'm hopping
It might kick start
Me and my broken heart
I kept on singing it, ignoring everything that was happening around me. This is why I'm still alive, this song is stuck in my head and it only reminds me of my mom.
Oh why couldn't it be me the one that died, my mom was so young, she had so many things she hasn't seen or been at. I'm just a useless, pathetic, weak kid....that killed his mother...and know he gets beaten at home by his own dad. My life is just to PERFECT.
Hope you enjoy it
Is short but I'll make sure the next chapter is long.
Word count:1166

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