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Imagines: Your First Kiss (Niall Horan)

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He had called you on the day he had off work. He phoned at 8am confirming your date. He didn't tell you were you were going, but he did tell you to dress casual. A bit worried and confused. You told yourself not to stress. This date will be only the second date you two had been on together. It was now 11, and your date was at 12. You decided to get ready. Heading upstairs, looking through your cupboard. Not to fancy. Not to boring. You kept thinking to yourself. Yes! You found it. The perfect outfit. A light blue dress. Not to tight and not to baggy. You decided to put some wedges on. Trying not to be to tall compared to Niall. You knew how he liked to be taller. You put on a little bit of makeup and smoothed some lipgloss on. You looked at your clock. It was 11:50. You quickly grabbed your bag and headed downstairs to the sound of a knock on the door. You walked over to the door. Your hand touching the gold knob turning it, to see the face of Niall. Standing there. In a Polo Shirt. Navy Pants and red shoes. A smile brightened up on his face when your eyes meet. He leaned forward and gave you a slight kiss on your check. You couldn't help but blush. He took your hand, Linked his fingers into yours.

"Ready to go babe?" he asked you with a smile as big as anything. He must be excited, you thought to yourself as you nodded your head. He lead you to his car, being the gentleman he was, opened the door for you, then turned to get in on the other side. He reversed out of the parking, and you two were off. The song 'Stereo Hearts' came onto the radio. You know Niall. He couldn't help but sing along. He stopped, once it was in the middle the song. He turned the knob on the radio which lowed the sound. Put his hand on your leg. He pulled into this small spot. It was beautiful. Trees everywhere. The sun was shinny. Bright shades of flowers. He turned the car off, turned to look at you, which you did to him. Eyes meeting.

"You know, you really are beautiful", he said to you, he face staring to blush. He's cute Irish accent, made you flush. He noticed you blush a little. He hopped out of his car, went to your side, and let you out. Holding onto his hand, He lead to through the Trees. Your stomach got butterflies. The wind was slightly blowing, but not to hard, it was a calming whether. You were walking when you noticed in the distance. A blanket and a basket right beside the lake.

"What's that?" you asked as you became closer to it. He turned to you and gave you a little smirk. He squeezed your hand.

"You'll see," he told you leading you to it. His smile was big, and proud. He lead you to the blanket to sit down. You both sat down, staring into the beautiful wildness. He started to unpack the basket. He first got two glasses out and filled them with some Champagne. He handed you a glass, as you took a slight sip before settling it down on the grass. You looked around. Took a depth breath. It was perfect. You turned to look at Niall. He was perfect. But he wasn't making conversation. Maybe I'm to overdressed? You thought to yourself.

'So, its a pretty nice day out," you start to make a conversation. Not a very exciting conversation. But at least it was one. He looks up at you. Smiling. But then quickly looks away. Shit. Do I have something on my face? You question yourself.

"Niall, um.... is something wrong?' You question him. His face turns to you. He moves a slight bit closer.

"Y/N, um.. how do I say this, well its just, your so beautiful, and Im scared you wont like me, like I really like you, and I just want this to be perfect, the boys were trying to help me plan something special, so we did this, but I don't think its enough. Like I really want you to be hap-", you cut him off. By pulling him in close for a kiss. Your lips touching smoothly. The kiss it was perfect. It was something special. It was incredible. You pulled back, giving a slight grin. You notice him bite his lip.

"Wow", you hear him whisper under his breath. There it was. Your first kiss. Your first kiss on many.


Hello :) just another imagine I have written for fun ! 

I know this on was pretty short & lame but hay I was bored so why not? 

But anyways, tell me what you think - Twitter: @iHugNarry & Tumblr:

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