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There was something about the thrill of a one night stand that Kurt missed.

Yes, he loved being in a relationship. He fucking craved it.

Just being with someone who was beautiful inside and out, someone who you can care about and have fun with just made him happy thinking about it.

With Tracy, he had peace and love and inspiration. She allowed him to be creative and loved all of it, encouraging him through it all. But over time, Kurt felt as though he was a burden, he took too much from her with out anything in return.

With Tobi, he got the conversation. The like-mindedness. Their talks could last a lifetime and he was happy. He felt like one with her, but she was too much. It was all too much.

Kurt was thankful for those two, he was glad he had them.

But there was something in the whirlwind of passion and lust he missed in one night stands.

He missed the thrill of sex, especially after what had happen.

It was the first of November of 1992 when Kurt found out. The woman he loved, cherished, worshipped had been cheating on him.

And for a while, too.

Courtney basically owned him, and was just using him the whole time.

And the blond musician was done.

The phone didn't even get to the ground before he was out the door, rushing to his car.

Kurt didn't care if he got recognized- he didn't give two shits- he needed to get it of that house.

The house they shared.

He itched at his veins, he wanted to numb himself, but Kurt didn't want that. He didn't want the massive withdrawal.

He also didn't want to be reminded of her when he shot up.

The numbing needed to just be one night- a night away from thinking and pain.

So Kurt went to the best time machine: alcohol.

The man made sure not to crash the car as he furiously drove around Seattle, trying to find the club he had first played at in the city.

It was a small club, completely blacked out except for the purple lights that lit up on the small stage, and had a sufficient bar for him to waste away his, what seemed, now endless supply on money.

Kurt couldn't even remember parking as he rushed into the club, his head down, and sat at the seemingly empty bar, flagging over the bartender.

A shitty band shook the entire club, making it hard for him to yell to the bartender his order, but it wasn't long before an array of shots sat in front of Kurt. Instantaneously, he began swiftly drinking them, leaning his head back to gulp each glass of the burning liquid.

The band ended their loud sound of a song and Kurt heard a couple seats down from him: "I'll have what he's having."

Setting the shot glass down and wiping his mouth, Kurt looked down the bar and mad out through the low lights the face of a bemused girl. Her makeup was smeared, but even through that, she was gorgeous.

Her dirty-blond hair was wavy and hung down to the middle of her hunched back, which was covered with a large black cardigan. She balanced her face in her hand, propped up by her arm on the bar surface.

Giving him a smile, she nodded towards the remaining three shots, "relationship troubles?"

Kurt didn't know if he was annoyed or intrigued. Instead, he humorlessly laughed and looked back down at the remaining drinks, "sadly."

"I guess we are in the same boat then," slowly the girl got up and closed the awkward space between them, sitting in the seat next to them. On the stage, the next band began to play, this time slower and softer than the other band before. "My name is Courtney."

Kurt stifled a bitter laugh, "how unfortunate." He looked up back to her and was met with a confused face. Sighing, he downed another shot and locked eyes with her, "my girlfriend's name is Courtney."

A soft "oh" escaped her lips, and Courtney's puffed up eyes glanced down at the bar. The tender suddenly sat five shots in front of the girl and without hesitation she downed two of them. Wiping her mouth, she looked up to Kurt, "what's she do?"

Picking up his last drink, the blond studied it, mumbling "she's been fucking some guy."

"What a small world," Courtney mumbled in return, followed by quickly tilting her head and swallowing a shot. "Maybe the guy is my fiancée."

Setting the glass down with a thunk!, Courtney smiled bemusedly, "Courtney would so happen be an assistant manager of a law firm, would she?"

Laughter growled at the back of Kurt's throat as he shook his head, "I'm guessing your fiancée isn't a bassist of a shitty band than?"

The girl soon joined the mans laughter, and it wasn't long before they melted into hysterics. Catching her breath, Courtney downed her last shot, and waved down the bartender.

He walked over and looked at the ten empty glasses in front of the pair. The dirty blond girl smiled and leaned slightly over the bar, "ten more shots for me and-?"

They both turned at look at Kurt, who in return smiled mischievously and said, "Curtis."

Pleased, Courtney continued, "for me and Curtis please. Thank you."

Once the judging bartender turned away, the girl inspected Kurt, finally saying, "y'know Curtis, you seem familiar."

"I have one of those faces."

Courtney shook her head and turned fully to face him, "no, I think I'd remember your face. It's... special."

Kurt scoffed, "is that an insult?"

"No, dummy," Courtney rolled her eyes, "i'm trying to be nice."

"I'm touched."

She groaned and laid her head on her crossed arms on the bar. Turning her head to the side, she gazed up to him through her lashes, "I love this song."

Kurt closed his eyes slightly and listened to the unfamiliar yet pleasing song. The beats rolled and flowed together, smoothly playing with the singers low voice. He opened his eyes and looked at Courtney, leaning his head on his hand to get closer to eye level to her, "I don't know it."

"Neither do I," a sly and flirtatious smile crept across her face, "but I know I love it."

Suddenly, the bartender sat the line of shots in front of them, breaking their locked on gaze.

Whispering a "thank you", Courtney sat up and quickly swallowed down a shot, slamming the glass on the counter.

Smiling to the boy, she pushed her wavy hair back, "no balls?"

"What?" Kurt laughed, taking a shot himself.

"Do you have no balls?"

He laughed again at the seriousness of the girl as she finished off another drink. Raising her eyebrows, she turned towards him, her knee slightly knocking against his, and smirked, "do you want to play a game, or do you have no balls?"

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