Nishikino Maki x Delinquent! Female! Reader

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Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.



Take the Shot

Your POV

Where are they? They are supposed to be in here. Did they suspend practice?

Hidden behind the door I am trying to see if Muse is in the rooftop since they promised that they were going to hang around with me.

We are going to the arcade or so they promised. Now, I'm the leader of the most dangerous gang in Tokyo, even at my short age of fifteen years old, but they still accepted me, except for Umi who always has an eye on me.

Sighing I return to my classroom and start packing up my things. I'm a first-year in Otonokizaka, I wear no ribbon and the uniform's blazer is unbuttoned. Thee teacher always say that I must correct my ways as well as my appearance, but old habits die hard.

Or so I thought. Before hanging around with Muse, I always vandalized the classroom or prepare the classroom for a few jokes the next day. After I started to hang around with them, I tried to minimize my bad acts, or at least inside the school. Why? Because of a simple person in Muse, Nishikino Maki. People would call her a spoilt brat or a loner, but for me it was even more. For me, Nishikino Maki was perfection itself; her princess-like attitude was just a part of the factors that made me fall in love with her. Although, I doubt I can ever be with her.

I've been thinking in completely abandoning the gang and to start a normal life but, will that guarantee me a place in the princess' heart? I doubt it.

While being trapped in my thinking, I already exited Otonokizaka and started to walk towards an empty factory, my home and gang's secret place.

Looking up to the sky while walking, I started to think on all the things I've done with Muse.

Once, we went to Akihabara, where we discovered that Kotori was a maid and chased her all around the city.

Or the time we all went to Maki's summer house near a popular beach. It was supposed to be a practice trip but we all played all day long, except for a part of the day where I approached Maki and started to talk with her.

And the little date I went to with Maki for her birthday. We passed all day long buying things and going through the mall, we also ate at a café. That day, I was supposed to confess my feelings towards her, but I couldn't since I saw a member of a rival gang passing beside me while smirking.

Since then, I questioned my actual situation and started to think in abandoning the gang I was into, but we come back to the same question, will that guarantee me a place in Maki's heart?

I appreciate my friends, inside of the gang I feel loved and wanted, not like the life outside it, where my parents work too much to even notice I exist or the teachers talking about me when I am nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, I received a message in my phone, interrupting my train of thought. Opening my phone I saw that the message was from Maki, making me blush instantly. Then, I actually read the message.

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