Chapter 007: Traveling

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      Will and Brynn ran until their legs couldn't carry them any farther. They ran into a theatre and hidden in between two rows of seats. The Monster had been chasing them for around 10 minutes, and it showed no signs of stopping. Will was still very upset, but stopped crying. There was a bang, it sounded like something big had fallen. The two kids slowly inched backwards, towards the wall of the theatre, when The door to the screening room blasted open. Both of them ducked down, hopefully making them harder to see. The monsters loud footsteps were getting closer and faster, and the kids were trying to make themselves as invisible as possible. They watched in horror as the monster walked right by the row of seats they were hidden in. They both let out a breath that they never noticed they were holding, until the footsteps stopped. They looked at each other, their faces covered in absolute terror. The monster walked back up the aisle, and stopped right at the row that the kids were in. Brynn turned around and put her hands on the wall.

"Uhh... 013...!" Will said. Brynn turned around and saw the thing coming down the row. She focused on her hands and closed her eyes, and the wall started to crumble. She made a hole big enough for both of them to fit through, and they both crawled out as fast as they could. They ran down the street and into the woods, there was no sighs of the monster, but they kept running anyway. They finally made it back to castle Byers and collapsed onto the small blanket that lay on the inside.

"Our chances of surviving are not very high." Will said. "We'll either die of Hypothermia or that... thing will eat us."

"We've made it this far, haven't we?" Brynn said. "There's no reason to give up now."

"Face it, were basically already dead."

"We communicated with your mom, we saw her. She's looking for you, and she'll find you." Brynn said.

"What about you?" Will asked.

"She already doesn't trust me, I'll find a way out." Brynn said. "You're the main priority right now, I can make it out by myself."


"You're very important to a lot of people, Will, and I'm going to give them their Byers back." She said, her voice full of determination. There was an awkward silence, then Brynn laid down to go to sleep, Will doing the same a few minutes after.

The next day...

     Brynn woke up the next morning, or day, they couldn't tell the time, since it was always dark. She looked to her right, where Will usually slept, but there was no one there. She quickly stood up and ran out of the hideout, only to see Will outside.

"Oh my Gosh Will! Do not EVER leave Castle Byers without telling me!" Brynn yelled.

"Sorry, I thought I heard something."

"Are you INSANE?! If you ever hear something, for Pete's sake WAKE ME UP!" Brynn said.

"Okay, sorry." Will said. "I think we should look around. Like, farther than Hawkins."


"Because we can't be the only people to ever get sucked into this place." He said. "There's tons of missing files all around the world, And I bet 50% of them got trapped in here."

"Maybe there are live people..." Brynn said. "Okay fine, lets go."


    And the two kids started walking...

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