Chapter 31

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Clarke's pov

".. and then I poured the milkshake on their heads." I say

"You really did that?" Bellamy asks.

"Yeah." I say proudly.

"I am happy that you stood up for yourself." Bellamy says and smiles. I smile back at him.

We park by his school. We walk to his dorm and I feel peoples eyes on me. Bellamy says hi to a few people on our way to his room. How does he have friends here already? Bellamy opens the door for me and we walk in.

"When we were walking there I felt like people were looking at me." I say as I walk to his bed.

"Of course they would look at you." Bellamy says and sits next to me.

"Why?" I ask confused.

"Well, look at you. You are like 10 times prettier than the girls on campus." Bellamy says and kisses me.

"And look at who you are hanging out with." Bellamy says sarcastically and I pic up a pillow and hit him with it.

"I was kidding." Bellamy says and laughs.

"So what movie are we going to watch?" I ask.

"The Hunger Games?" Bellamy says.

"Sounds good." I say and take our food from the bags.

Bellamy wraps his hand around me and we start watching the movie. I start feeling really tired. Then all of a sudden I wake up and realize that I have fallen asleep.

"Wait did I just sleep through the whole movie?" I ask and turn to look at Bellamy.

"Yeah." Bellamy says.

"Why didn't  you wake me up?" I ask.

"Because you looked so cute." Bellamy says and kisses my cheek.

"I will make this up to you on the next date." I say.

"Next date?" Bellamy asks.

"I mean only if you want to go on a second date." I say. What was I thinking?

"I am joking Clarke. Of course I want to go on a second date with you." Bellamy says and bursts out laughing. I smile at him.

"Hey I should probably go home." I say and look at the clock. It's 11.

"Really? Just stay over." Bellamy says.

"Okay, but I have to text my mom that I am spending the night at Octavia's." I say and text my mom.

"Okay." Bellamy says and smiles. He walks to his closet. He takes out a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"What are you doing?" I ask and walk over to him.

"Here. I don't think you want sleep in jeans." Bellamy says and hands me his clothes.

"Thanks." I say and walk to the bathroom to change. His clothes are so big on me. I look ridiculous.

I walk out of the bathroom and Bellamy looks up from his phone. He is quite for a moment and then starts to laugh.

"You look so cute in my clothes. Those look so big on you." Bellamy says and gets up.

"I know, it looks so weird on me." I say and look at my clothes.

"No it doesn't. It looks super cute on you." Bellamy says and kisses me. He is so cute.

"Hey do you want to go and get some pizza?" Bellamy asks.

"Really? Right after I changed my clothes." I say.

"Come on, let's just go." Bellamy says.

"Okay fine" I say and smile.

We walk out of his dorm room and now even more people are looking at me. I guess Bellamy notices that, because he takes my hand and leads they way. We get to Bellamy's car and we start driving to pizza hut. We walk in and I don't see anyone familiar. Good.

We order two margherita pizzas. We go and sit at a table while we wait for our pizzas.

"Bellamy. Don't turn around, but Octavia and Atom are here." I say.

"What? Really?" Bellamy says.

"Yes, what are we going to do?" I ask.

"What if you take my car keys and go in my car and I get the pizzas." Bellamy suggests.

"Good idea." I say and take Bellamy's car keys.

I walk behind Octavia and Atom when they are ordering and run to Bellamy's car. After a little while I see Bellamy walk out.

"Did they see you?" I ask when he gets in.

"Yes and they askd me why I had orderd two pizzas. I just told them that I was really hungry and hadn't eaten all day." Bellamy says.

"Okay good." I say and smile. Bellamy starts driving back to the school.

"And Atom said that he is spending the night at Octavia's so we don't need to be afraid that he will se us." Bellamy says.

"Sounds good." I say.

When we get in Bellamy's dorm, we eat the pizzas and talk. After eating we go to bed and I fall asleep instantly.

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