= Chapter 65 =

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" 1 billion smiles but your's is my favorite ."

-Skylar Torres

It's been three days since I left , my phone vibrating almost every 5 minutes with messages from Gabriel, asking about my whereabouts along with a set of news.

...Jeremy is awake, conscious, alive, breathing. waiting for me.

But a small part of me is afraid of seeing Jeremy, afraid to see how he reacts especially after I shot him.
Will he be disappointed in me?

Will he still love me as much?

Does he want me in his life?

Insecure thoughts flooded my mind over the past days, causing me to ignore Gabriel's messages.
Being detached from my phone, I brought myself to write- let my emotions free like a gush of wind.

Instead of music, I put my emotions in words. The live band that played in the cafe definitely helped me through this.

With my usual mocha frappe in my hand, I tapped the pen on the table in thought.
Something didn't feel right.

"Hey, how'd you doing?" Flynn sat on that chair opposite mine.

"Writing is tough but...interesting." I tried to be positive as I rested my head against the table, exhausted from writing about the incidents that happened since the match.

"Sorry I can't help much." He smiled sheepishly. I sometimes wondered why Willow broke up with him, he seemed genuinely nice.

"Don't say that! The live band in your cafe helps me, I never knew many people in this town are good at singing. " I smiled up at him.

"Oh I've seen better." Flynn snickered, his fingers running through his hair as he leaned back.

"Really?" I leaned forward, with an arched eyebrow.

"Yeah he's actually up next, you might wanna check him out, he may just be your new competition." Flynn stood up with a smug look.

Scrunching my nose, I gave him a look of disagreement. The lights that shone on the stage went down low, a chair placed in the center. My eyes followed the shadowy figure that sat on the chair with a guitar held in position.

I couldn't quite see his features but they seemed sharp, and beautiful despite the lack of light.

His eyes stared down on his guitar, his fingers slowly strum a familiar tune. A tune I knew too well.

I caught a glimpse of the slight smirk on his lips, as if he accomplished something great.

His Nikes tapped against the floor, creating a rhythm that grabbed everyone's attention almost immediately. The hum that he did ever so smoothly, did perfect for the introduction.

The tune was the same, now I had to just wait till he sings, if the words are the same-

"...Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive" his voice poured out like a gentle river, and every time he used 'th' words his tongue would glide beautifully over his perfect teeth and emit an adorable bit of air.

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