The freaks have entered the building

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Luke's pov.

We all leave the car, Lenny easily lifted up and places on the ground by whinny.

Josh seemed confused as why the six legged sheep was even with us but Ms. Strange just shook her head.

We entered the precinct, heading past the lady at the front desk up to the fourth floor.

We've been coming through this hallway so many times before she didn't even ask where we were heading.

We entered the elevator, surprising it fit everyone with Sergei folding up in whinnys free hand.

When the elevator stopped we all got out, instantly feeling all eyes on us. The room was dead silent as ohm whimpered slightly and pressed his arm against mine, squeezing my hand tightly.

I squeezed back as Lenny baa's breaking the silence.

"Let's go children. We must find detective stabler." Ms. Strange says and we  walk further into the precinct. Ohm's hand in mine was frozen.

The detective walks up to us, clearing his throat to get our attention only causing Ryan to jump.

Ryan's pov.

When we entered it was really quiet.

"The freaks are hear." I hear someone whisper with a strange tone

That's not nice. Lenny baa's and the noise comes again.

"Why are we forced to take this case?" Someone else says, that's also not nice. Someone clears there throat and I jump.

A man stood there. He was pretty tall and had little hair. His eyes were really blue.

"Hello ms. Strange and Mr. Dail." He says before looking down at me. I look away and try to hide behind Luke.

I don't want to be here I don't want to be here I don't want to be here.

My child calm. You must relax. This is to help you.

Omega soothes.

Just.... But how am I going to help?

Explain what they did sweet child.  Explain what that monster did to you. Even if your not in the right mind. Do it. Go through the pain. It'll save you.

With that omega was gone.

"Hi Ryan." The detective says and when I look at him he's bent down, looking at me.

"Hi." I say quietly. I look behind me and everyone was gone. Except Luke. He was besides me, gently rubbing my back. I don't even know when we stopped holding hands.

"How about you come with me and we have a talk okay?" He asks. I look up at Luke.

"Will H-he come?" I ask.

"Not right now but don't worry. There will be toys and stuff to play with." He says and Luke frowns.

"O-okay." I mumble moving away from him.

I follow the detective into a bright room with a lot of toys. I laugh and race to some building blocks.

"So Ryan." He starts and a shudder runs down me.

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