The Greek Hunter

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Note: This one is dedicated to my very best friend, Everybody please wish her a happy birthday! She deserves it! She's such an incredible person and I've been so lucky to know her and have her in my life. She's put up with me through everything and yeah, so this is for you, Mina! Happy Birthday, girl! ^_^

Being a Greek hunter in America was not at all like being a hunter back home. First of all, the monsters were totally different. In Greece, there were Gorgons, Harpys, Sirens, and oh yeah, that one time with the Pegasi...I'd been picking feathers out of my hair for weeks afterward. Here it was all demons and vampires. And of course, the occasional tussle with a werewolf.

I'd come here with a hunter friend of mine on the case of a siren pod that had swam here. Apparently, the family of them had been here since 1877. How the American hunters had let a pack of half-human, half-fish people slip by them, I'll never know. Sadly, once we'd came upon the sirens though, they killed my friend - devouring him right in front of my eyes. If it wasn't for two brothers that came barging in, those monsters would have killed me, too. After that, the siblings took me in - letting me go on cases with them and completely accepting me into their close-knit family.

Dean and Sam were all I had left in this world and I loved them both with all my heart. So when we all moved into the Bunker, I was so excited. I hadn't had a home since before leaving Greece - since then, I'd just been living out of hotel rooms and Baby. I'd gotten the room across from Sam and I couldn't be happier. He was my reading buddy, after all. I still remember it clear as day - the day I'd met them both.

When Sam had found out I was Greek, he'd bombarded me with questions about mythology. Turns out, he was a huge Percy Jackson fan. I chuckled at the memory as I strode down the hallway and into the kitchen, recounting it all in my head. Man, how I loved those boys. Opening up the freezer, I pulled out a container of ice cream and proceeded to put it in a bowl for myself before returning it to its original location. Taking a big bite off my spoon, I moaned as the sweetness of it melted on my tongue.

"Is that good?" a voice asked from behind, startling me so much that the spoon fell from my hand to the floor with a clatter.

I whipped around to meet a familiar pair of piercing blue orbs. Sighing to myself, I shook my head as I put the bowl of ice cream back into the freezer.

"Jack, don't sneak up on me like that!" I huffed, bending to pick up the spoon before heaving it into the sink.

He frowned, looking apologetic.

"Sorry, Mina," he said softly.

My facade of anger couldn't help but crumble at that innocent look and I conceded, "It's fine, Jack. I'm not mad. Just...startled is all,"

I made a move to brush past him then but he grabbed my wrist, turning me back to face him. I arched my eyebrows in surprise, nearly blushing at our close proximity. I could see every one of his features now - every fleck of blue in his eyes, every freckle, every strand of dirty, blond hair that had fallen across his forehead. Being this was...was...intoxicating. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I pulled away from him and finally, he released me.

"Why did you grab me like that? You could have just asked me to stay," I said, avoiding eye contact with the nephilim.

"I didn't know that was not normal human protocol-" he started to say when I cut him off.

"English, Jack," I interrupted, nearly chuckling at my own inside joke.

"-human behavior. I was unaware. I saw Dean do it-" he started to speak again when I grinned.

"You really shouldn't take your cues from him, just saying." I snickered behind my hand.

He bit his lip and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, making me feel suddenly weak in the knees. I grabbed the island behind me to steady my legs. Jack took a step closer to me and I could practically feel my heart pounding in my chest, my palms becoming sweaty. His eyes bored into mine, seeing right through me. Oh gosh, the effect this boy had on me. So before he even could utter another word, I ran off.

It seemed the best choice at the moment but once I'd arrived at my own room and slammed the door shut, I began to question it. But I just couldn't...he was too cute. And cute made me nervous. Not that Sam or Dean could know about this newfound little crush. Oh, no, definitely not Dean, I thought to myself in horror. They treated me just like a little sister and I knew it would hurt Dean to know about my feelings for the nephilim.

But Jack was innocent - such a sweet creature that ever since meeting him, I'd felt myself drawn to. He was different from the other monsters I'd met. But that's because he wasn't a monster. He was still half-human and more and more every day, he'd shown those qualities to everyone around him in an attempt to prove how good he could be. And Jack is good. But still...he was the son of Lucifer.

It wasn't...right for us to be together. And besides that, what if he didn't even share my feelings?! It's not like he'd ever had experience in the girlfriend department... I let out a frustrated groan and fell onto my bed, burying my head in my pillow. I lied there for several minutes like that before turning over and my eyes went to the ceiling. I'd almost talked myself into marathoning Game of Thrones when there was a loud knock at my door.

Bolting up right in bed, I stared at the door with narrowed eyes. Dean never knocked so...

"Sam, I'm not in the mood! Just leave me alone!" I shouted, huffing to myself softly.

Just then, the door creaked open reveal an adorable little nephilim standing in the threshold. He looked at me expectantly and I cracked a small smile.

"Come on in," I said, waving him inside.

Slowly, he made his way over to the bed and sat down beside me. His next movements were awkward but determined as he suddenly pulled me into his chest, my arms squashed against his abs and my face smushed into his shoulder-blade. We stayed like that a moment - me trying to breathe and him patting me on the back.

"Um...Jack?" I asked, my voice muffled from his t-shirt.

"Hm?" he hummed in response.

"Can't...breathe..." I choked out, my hands clenching his biceps in an attempt to break free of his grip.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, instantly releasing me.

I breathed deeply before chuckling, my green-hazel eyes meeting his cerulean blue ones. He seemed in distress at stopping my breathing so I gave him a small pat on the shoulder to reassure him.

"I'm...sorry, Mina," he said softly, his words still hesitant, still awkward.

I smiled up at him and he returned the gesture gratefully before pulling me back in - this time for a light hug.

But he was trying. And that's all that mattered.

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