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. Have you ever heard ppl say to you" Be careful wat you wish for." well let me tell you something, their right...... *-*-*-*. At the time me and my best friend were watching Caleb Lion on my big screen t.v. " oh look at him hes so gorgious" my frieng lala said " I know and he sings too he comes in a great package " I sighed I turned up the radio and sang with Caleb Lion " your fantastic your the new P.Y.T STANDS FOR PAY .YOUNG.TAKE Over the from the driver seat." I sang in harmony. Lala threw a pillow at me. I glared. She looked like she was gunna pee in her pants. I burst out laughing. " you......Fell.......for it" lala ignored me and was reading a magazine when " OHMIGOD!! Caleb is dating Jamie Lane.". "NO WAY" I snatched the magazine and saw a picture of caleb kissing jamie. " Noooooooooooooooo!" me and lala screamed. I flopped on my bed and sighed sadley. " I GABI GOMEz wish that when im 18 I will have caleb as my boy friend and be the most famous actress slash singer in the whole wide world" I wish know that I could hav taken that wish back..........

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