Chapter 15

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Alvena froze in shock as she stared at the fangs puncturing the arm that was used to shield her neck. She didn't dare turn around to see the figure standing two heads taller with his arm wrapped around her.

To be honest, I wasn't the least bit worry this entire time. Perhaps it's that steady heartbeat that I constantly hear in my head. It was as if something within me was already aware that Master's arrival would befall us.

So I simply watched from my position. Master didn't think twice about pulling out the poor vampire's fangs before throwing him at the burning carriage. A few younger vampires tried to retaliate, but thought better when the gold of the Dietrich crest shown from under Master's cape.

At that, some of the higher noble vampires picked themselves up from their seats and gave their finest greetings to High Lord Dietrich of Argid and Commander of the Army residing in the Border. Master's face was still as ever, only nodding ever so slightly at an older vampire with golden-rimmed irises.

I was so absorbed with Master and Alvena that I didn't even notice when the vampire under me was removed. In his place by my side was none other than the High Lord of Emberwind. Of course it would be him accompanying Master.


"You're missing the curtsy, hon."

My eyes narrow at his remark. He is getting way too comfortable with a servant—it's almost unsightly.

After a few more minutes of exchanges, Master had almost all the vampires lowering their heads to him, the most extravagant carriage at his beckon, and a relatively new side of Rosehold at his feet.

"We ride home now," was all Master whispered to Alvena for me to abandon Lucien and help the tiny human up the carriage.

I waited for Master to get on which he did before I took my seat. Unexpectedly, Lucien joined in on the ride after chatting with the recently awoken human man and giving him a heavy pouch of something that made him extremely giddy.

Throughout the entire ride, there was silence. Alvena sat quietly beside the master who didn't even spare her a glance. I avoided his gaze and strangely appreciated Lucien's presence beside me. At least Master can have him to look at.

But this is to be expected. Noble vampires are all about the image. Personal problems are to be handled at home.

Thus, the minute we stepped into the house, the silence was no longer.

"What were you two thinking going to Rosehold?" Master asked with his back to us.

The maids took the cue to clear the throw and retreat back to their rooms. London and Adrian came soon after to escort Lucien to the guest room, leaving just me and Alvena with Master. When all ears were far enough, Master finally turned around.

"What were you two doing in Rosehold?" Master growled through his clenched teeth.

I have never seen Master so upset.

"Evelyn, I ordered you to watch and care for your Mistress. Not put her in danger." Master's voice was controlled, but still came out as a roar which shook the chandelier hanging above us.

"I'm incompetent," I confess.

Master towered above me and waited until I met his eyes. "You will inform me each time you take the Mistress out. Am I clear?"

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