Part Seven

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"I can't believe you are not sticking by the dress code!" Madhu says exasperated as she hurried with Trishna in the pathway leading to the restaurant. "I clearly saw on the invite in the paper that it is Red for ladies and black for gents." Trishna says irritated. "What paper?" "It was yesterday or day before yesterday's newspaper. I don't remember. But I remember what I saw." "RK told me clearly to wear black saree." Madhu argues as she took her cell and scroll to the message regarding the dress code. "See." She shows it to her. 

Madhu: is there any dress code for the function? What should I wear? 

RK: black saree. 

"I am sorry, Madhu if I refuse to doubt my intelligence." Trishna says. "You are going to be the odd one out, and everyone is going to stare at you and then you will be uncomfortable. Then you will force me to leave early!!!" Madhu says exasperated as she pushed open the party hall door. "Please forgive me if I am not willing to leave even one minute before I want to lea..." she stopped dead in her tracks seeing the whole room filled with men in black and ladies in red. "The moment you are uncomfortable let me know, I will be ready to leave." Trishna says patting Madhu's arm as she gloated for being right yet again. 

Madhu stood there in shock realizing that RK got it wrong due to his tension. And she had run around the whole of Mumbai to find the perfect saree, then pay triple charges to get her blouse stitched in express time, go to a beauty parlor to get the saree draped and had to walk awkwardly in the sare and all for what? To wear the wrong dress!!!! "Madhu..." RK who was on the lookout for her hurries to her smiling. "RK." Madhu says as her heart started slamming against her chest. She was seeing him after a long long time and he was looking out of the world in his black suit. "Thank you so much for coming. I am so glad you could make it." RK says as he hugged her making Madhu's eyes go wide open and her mouth going into a silent 'wow'. RK breaks the hug and moves back smiling holding her hand happily. They kept smiling at each other then he says "I am so glad you came." "You already told her that once." Trishna says. Realizing Trishna was there he immediately turns to her and smiles, "Hi Trishna... how are you?" "Good... Good... I just wish I could sleep better at night." Trishna says making RK laugh while Madhu blushes. "Thanks for coming." RK says. "Yeah yeah." Trishna says rolling her eyes. "RK, you told me it is black saree. But everyone here is in red." Madhu says as she tried to hide her discomfort at being the odd one. "You asked what to wear, and I just had an image of you in black saree. so I just..." RK says with a shrug. "I am the only one in black except for the men." Madhu says uncomfortably. "The guest of honor can be dressed differently." RK says dismissively. "Guest of honor? Me?" Madhu asks shocked. "Well officially it is my parents, but for me it is you. And relax you are looking outrageously beautiful" "You are such a flirt, RK." Madhu says brushing it off thinking he was trying to make up for his blunder. "Unbelievable!" Trishna says shocked. Madhu was saying that she was not sure about RK's feelings for her and here he was calling her his guest of honor, he asked only her to wear black saree, then says she is outrageous beautiful and he hasn't even left her hand even now! What more proof did she need? "What?" Madhu asks confused. "Nothing." Trishna says shaking her head. 

"Madhu, why don't you enjoy the party? I will just meet the guests and come quickly." RK says realizing he can't spend all his time with her. "Sure. You carry on. I will be fine with Trishna." Madhu says. "I will come back soon." RK tells her before he hurries off. Madhu and Trishna were walking around as they talked while Trishna tried to ignore the weird glances Madhu was getting for coming in the wrong dress while Madhu and RK seemed to be having some kind of conversation from two ends of the hall. Each would keep looking at each other smiling and communicating with their eyes. Madhu was oblivious to the looks she was getting. Trishna wondered how Madhu could be so blind that she didn't see his love for her. 

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