Chapter 11: I'm here now, you're safe

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Auctioned Hearts 11

The working day wasn’t too bad, Dolly and her cheerful atmosphere kind of took some of the edge off of me and by the end of the day I was laughing along with her less-than-funny jokes. Dolly had a way of pulling people in, although she wasn’t what was considered pretty and seemed stuck in the 90’s her personality was more than suffice. Post of the diner’s customers came because of Dolly’s welcoming aura. I remember one time there was a whole biker gang, like a scary biker gang, but Dolly laughed when she saw me staring at them in fear, Dolly said

‘You can’t judge people by their appearances hun!’

And by the end of the half an hour Dolly had the whole gang choking on their food they were laughing so hard. By the end of that day I concluded there was no person on earth that Dolly couldn’t charm. This was the original reason I got a job here. When my mom and little sisters and I first moved here to Illinois we were in a pretty bad place, my dad had put us in a huge dept and to escape the loan sharks we had no choice but to run to Joliet, a small town on the outskirts of Chicago taking up a small apartment. That day we were emotionally drained and started screaming at each other in the middle of the restaurant, my mom and I are both hard headed so we tend to clash sometimes, my little sisters were big eyed and scared that they would lose yet another family member. When the screaming and yelling got worse Dolly had walked over and said hello, she commented about the whole town hearing us. At that time it was around 1:30 am, we all exhausted of fighting broke down laughing, Dolly talked to us and brought a breeze of summer into the tension filled room airing it out until the light heartiness of spring was all there was. After our food was served, Dolly sat down with us enjoying each other’s company and soon so did the cook Randy. We talked and laughed and chatted until our voices died down into a whisper because the girls had fallen asleep from being up so late. Naturally we had lost track of time by 5:00 am we got up to leave, me carrying one girl while mom was carrying the other. I remember the moment standing outside the restaurant, just me my mom and my little sisters, the dawn was peaking out of the horizon showing us a new day along with a new hope, I turned to my mom and apologized, she then put a hand on my head leading it to her shoulder, she most likely didn’t want me to see the tears in her eyes threatening to spill over.

“I think we are going to be alright Chenoa, I can feel it.”

I started to cry too realizing that even if it’s cloudy outside the sun shines day, day and night even if I can’t see it bringing hope to every moment and warmth with cold heart.

That day was the day this place had become my favorite place in the whole world.

When My shift had ended at 11:00 at night I was exhausted, I walked myself back home to my apartment. The first thing I had noticed was the fact that my door was open. My heart started beating a million miles per hour I sprinted over and saw that it was a forced entry. I threw the door open. My mind twisted and I leaned on the door frame and dissolved to my knees shaking. My whole apartment had been torn apart from one end to the other. I took a moment to get up with my shaky knees and walked inside; all the potted plants were crashed and splattered across the floor, all my books were torn apart and scattered through out the room, the sofa was shredded by what looked like a knife and the coffee table was split in half one half on one side of the room and the other half on the other. The mirror I had was shattered in a million pieces. It literally looked like the Hulk had unleashed a butt-load of stress in my apartment. Walking over to my other room I was careful not to step on anything sharp. The first thing I noticed aside from all of my clothes spread across the floor was my mattress, it was shredded and in the middle was a knife holding a note to it as the breeze from the broken window waft it back and forth. I walked over slowly not quite believing my eyes, pulling the knife out of the mattress I took the note, it read:

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