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Here we go Mount Hakobe,I'm not gonna disappoint them.
"Are you sure that it can be found here Snow?" Lucy asked while looking around the place.

"Yes it is,it states here that the herb only grows on top of Mount Hakobe. It had a clover shape leaves and a red stem.It also says that the herb can heal all kinds of diseases but it can only be use on Humans not on wizards." We all looked at Happy's direction when we heard him shout.

"Snow maybe this is it!" We quickly runs to where Happy is and founds out that he did found the herb we're looking for. We didn't waste too much time and starts picking the herbs.
The ground started to shake as we continue to gather the herbs and later on a deafening growl disturbs the whole area.

"What is that?" Lucy asked in disbelief.
Don't tell me that growl came from the guardian of the mountain. Oh my God it's sounds like it comes from a wild huge beast. Wahh this is it! I can see them fight in real. I'm really a lucky bitch after all. I snapped back at my thought's when I saw a huge feet in my front and a cold liquid falls on my head. I looked up and saw a Horned monster with a body like a dragon,and the monster's saliva is dripping on me. I fought the urge to scream as loud as I can when I saw he is not looking at me but on Happy who are now shaking in fear while holding the herbs. The monster growled again but now it's different, he's roar is sending ice blades at Happy. I wanted to move but my feet is like glued on the ground. Shit this is frustrating, what I really hate is the feeling of being useless,the feeling of you can't do anything,jeez this is annoying.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO HURT HAPPY!!!"  My mouth gaped open when a raging fire heads to the monster direction. But what the effin fudge I don't want to be a collateral damage with this disgusting beast!

"Damn you Natsu don't lump me with this monster,I don't want to be toasted black!" I shouted but to no avail coz the fire already heads towards us. I'm shock beyond words when the monster just shrugged Natsu's fire like it was nothing but a snowflake. No way that was Natsu's roar how come it didn't affect him not even a bit of scratch. This monster is hell'a strong,and it's hell'a creeping me out. I felt like my soul have been extracted from my body when the monster looks at me and grinned widely with his saliva dripping on his wide mouth. I screamed my lungs out when I tried to pull my feet on the ground but no avail,my feet is glued on the ground.

Please work with me feet,I don't wanna die here,that would be totally embarrassing. Grr this is my dream and I should be more powerful than any character here,how come I'm so weak and like a damsel in distress. I don't want to be an extra baggage of my team. I want to be a snow that can create a blizzard in this icy mountain. I want to be like my name,pretty but silently deadly. 

No,I'm right this is my dream. I can do anything and everything I want.
I smiles at the thought and gather my own confidence. This will be like how I slapped those person who insults me with the truth. And now I'll show this monster what my true power is. I will be the Snow in Winter. Who can manipulate this very weather in my own hands.

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