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Pen Your Pride

"Guys I'm bored," Louis complained

“Go eat,” Niall said, Louis just shook his head.

“Lets play truth or dare!” Louis went to grab a bottle.

“Okay, now who goes first?” Nobody said anything.”I guess it’s me then,” Louis look at each boy, wondering who shall he truth or dare first. Louis decided on Zayn. “Zayn, truth or dare?” Louis asked, hoping for a dare.

“Umm… Uh dare I guess?” Zayn was unsure because of the mischievous look on Louis’s face. He knew that he shouldn’t have picked dare.

“I dare you to.. Kiss Liam!” Louis knew that Zayn wouldn’t back out of a dare. Zayn was shocked and so was Liam. ” So uh I’m going to kiss you now,” Zayn said as he leaned in. The kiss between them was short and simple.

“I like food,” Niall stated randomly. “What?” Harry asked Niall. “It was awkward, so I had to break it,” Niall said sheepishly, everybody chuckled. Zayn was deciding who should go next and how he would get Louis back. Zayn suddenly got it.

“Niall, truth or dare?” Niall thought about it. “Dare” Niall wondered how bad could it be, it was Zayn so probably not to bad.. He hoped. “I dare you to put ice down Louis’s pants,” Zayn smiled at Louis. Louis glared at him, taking a big breath as a shock of coldness entered his pants.

“Fuck!” Louis ran to the bathroom. All the boys laugh at him. Suddenly Harry deiced to kiss Niall. Caught off guard, Niall froze.

“W-What?” Niall looked at Harry confusedly, Harry just shrugged. “You taste good,” Harry winked at Niall, causing him to blush furiously.

“Really? I’ll have to see myself,” Zayn leaned in to kiss Niall. “You do taste good,” Zayn licked his lips and chuckled at Niall. Liam looked at Niall, and kissed him not saying anything.

“Stop kissing me!” Niall demanded, but inside he wanted more. Louis came back all confused.

“What did I miss?” Niall blushed furiously, Zayn and Liam chuckled, and Harry explained everything. “A guy is gone for 5 minutes and this is what he misses.” Louis said. “Might as well kiss him too,” Louis kiss Niall.

“Yum,” Louis licked his lips. Then Louis came up to Liam and cupped his face,”I bet you would taste good to,” with that Louis kissed Liam. While Louis and Liam were locking lips, Zayn thought of an idea.

“Wanna kiss?” Zayn asked Harry, not letting the younger lad answer he kissed him. Niall just sat there watching them, with his eyes wide.

“What just happened?”

“We should play truth or dare more often,” Louis said, pulling Zayn for a kiss before kissing Harry.                                                                                                       “Definitely!” Harry exclaimed as he leaned to Liam, cupping his face and kissing him.

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