{TRAINEE #16 - #19}

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Username: Tatiana_Taylor

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Username: Tatiana_Taylor

Name: Celeste Park

Stage Name: Duchess

Nickname(s): mochi & matcha queen

Age: 18

D . O . B: December 30, 1999

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood Type: AB

Birthplace // Hometown: Los Angeles, USA//Seoul, South Korea

Nationality: American





•Scary when serious and mad

•Pure and innocent


•Lip biting when nervous

•Licking her lips


•Horror movies

•Cold Weather


•Spicy foods

•Painting and drawing


•Hot weather




•Rude people

Background: She was born in US but koved to Korea when she got scouted by the company. Her parents own 3 coffee shops in LA. She has an older brother and she's really close to him and he's very protective to her. She always wanted to be an Animator but as she grew up, she fell inlove in music.


•Andre Park||45||Dad||Business Man

•Selene Hamilton||40||Mom||Business woman

•Alias Park||22||Older Bro||student

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